Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's Old is New Again

I had this picture hanging in my room when I was growing up. It was one of the few things that I owned that was personalized. Anything personalized with my name was guaranteed to have been special ordered.

My mom gave this to me, probably when she was cleaning stuff out, back at least by 2001. I know that because it was living in my garage in Illinois. It was in the most putrid mintish pastel green frame. I went and found the coordinate code for the Crayola color 'magic mint' which appears to be about the right color and put it in for those words. I hope it comes out right so you can see what I mean.

The reason I dislike this color so much is that I can't wear it. If I do, I look that color. It's not pretty at all. When I'm looking at a rack of clothes, it doesn't matter if I see something that I absolutely love, if it's that color, I go right past it. It never touches my body any more. I don't even wear pajamas or have bedding that color. It's that bad.

Well, this post was about a picture, so here it is in the original form, mostly. I think I'd started working a little on the blue and brighter pink before I took this picture.

It appeared to have been done with some type of markers. We had a box of Prismacolor pencils from art classes a few years ago, so I pulled those out and a sharpener and got to work.

I did try to go along with the original color plan when I was coloring it in. A few of them were seriously faded, so I kind of guessed as to exactly what I thought they were.

The original paper is mottled except for the places where it had been taped onto some cardboard with masking tape. There it is white, of all things! I would have thought it would have been more orange than the rest of the paper.

I got a black frame on sale at Michael's to finish it off and make it stand out. And here it is in my 'hangout' area.

My scrapbooking area. I wielded the drill again tonight and hung up the black shelf which matches the ones in the kids' bathrooms and the first floor powder room/half bath. I haven't completely finished deciding how I'm going to use it yet.

Here's what it looks like a little farther down the wall. I also still haven't decorated those boards.

Here are two cat postcards that I just love and had framed 20 years ago. Man, I'm old!

They live on the little wall over by the other cubbie shelf that also houses the television.

I was especially happy with my little 'hangout' picture. I didn't really ever think it would see a wall in my home again, between looking bad, being in a putrid frame, and frankly, looking somewhat childish. I think it's kind of fun and in a good spot for what it is. I'll take it down when I'm 98.

Somebody please remind me.


MomE said...

Okay sweetie...when I find my teeth...I'll be sure to remind you! He he he! It looks neat...way to go!

Betsy said...

Yes, but we're all getting old along with you!

Love the looks so much better and updated!

Funny that you can't wear that color. I'm that way with yellow, oranges and cream. I look like I have the flu!

Mari said...

Good way to redo it and be able to reuse it!

Heather and Reese said...

I love it! You did a great job updating it.

I love the way things "live" on walls and in garages at your house. Cute!


Bonnie said...

Very cute. I love personalized things ...

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