Thursday, August 13, 2009


When my parents came for a visit several weeks ago, one of the things on our agenda was for Chatty to get crochet lessons and for me to get crochet refreshers from my mom.

First off, here is the final product of Chatty's lessons:

Her grandma made the yellowish one, and she made the bluish one.

Here she was getting started with her lessons.

I can personally vouch that sticking out your tongue helps during pressure-filled moments.

And they're still smiling!

That's a good thing, because Chatty's a leftie, and we're all righties. She tried to do it with her left hand and decided she liked it better with her right hand. She crocheted that whole purse with her right hand!

I'm still working on the product of my lessons (except I did do some scarflets). Here's my big project in process:

You can tell it's an afghan, right?

Every 10 rows I put in a row of the fluffy variegated blue. I'm about 30 rows from being done.

That blue is my worst nightmare. My mom told me how to sort of fluff it after I stitch it in, and my OCD gets the best of me when I'm doing it. I really don't like using that fluffy yarn anymore, even if I do love how it looks.

Next one I make will get pretty colors, but not fluff.

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Mari said...

I'm so impressed! You all do great work and what a nice thing for your Mom and Chatty to do together.
PS - today I got an e-mail from someone who made the pork chops and loved them, so they were a hit again!

Lora said...

I love your afghan! And Chatty's purse is really cute, too. What a fun project to do with your grandma. I also had a grandma who loved to teach me things like that~although I have never learned how to crochet. Must learn one day!:)

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Bravo! Chatty did a great job! The afghan is coming along so well and I know it will be super comfy come winter...
Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing

Gee said...

Chatty did a great job. My last crocheting was many, many years ago. I dont know whether I still can do it or not. Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

How lovely that your mom could get your daughter started on crocheting. I learned the basics years ago, but did not continue with it --though I have lots of crocheted pieces in my home.

Anne Fannie said...

What nice work! My Mom has tried several times to teach me to crochet. I keep losing count!

Hootin' Anni said...

I LOVE to crochet!!! It's a fixation with me to have a project going all the time....

Great job. [And my favorite photo of the lesson day is the one where your daughter and mom are smiling so pretty!!!]

My show n tell is's ONE GREAT HOUSEHOLD tip today. Something I did this past week, that I want to 'shout to the world' how great a tip it is!!! Come by and see/read the step by step.

Have a great weekend.

Nanna said...

gret job! I don't think I could of made a purse just learning LOL I use to crochet & sometimes miss it, but starting over may help more than a refresher course, it's been so long LOL , great post! I loved it!

Betsy said...

Those purses look great! I'd love to learn!....want to give me lessons?
As I was looking at the afghan pics I was thinking that I was surprised your OCD allowed you to use that blue!...ha-ha! Good for you for looking past the weird feeling the fuzziness gave you! LOL! :)

Leann said...

That's impressive for a first lesson and yours looks great too. The greatest thing was learning something that she'll have for life and time well spent with her Gram.

teachermomof2 said...

Very impressive! I love the afghan....the blue stripes are so neat!


Love Bears All Things said...

What fun to have your grandmother teach you to crochet. Mine taught me a little when I was much younger then a neighbor finished the lessons when I was a young mother.
I would love to have the instructions for the purse if you do not mind sharing.
Mama Bear

Bellamere Cottage said...

Yep....that's EXACTLY what I need! A refresher course! Love your beautiful. I'm glad your girl is learning such a great art, and spending such quality time with her gramma!


Mrs.T said...

How lovely that Chatty could have such a wonderful time learning this skill from her grandma. And your afghan is pretty, too! I am working on a scrap afghan crocheted in rows like that. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would...

God bless,

sez said...

How nice that your mom can teach crocheting to your daughter (and you! ;)) I vaguely remember my mum teaching me when I was very little, but she hardly remembers it now & I had to re-learn by myself this year, and now my very little sister is getting lessons from myself as well :)

MomsTheWord said...

I LOVE the pics with AJ! I know she loved coming to see you!

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