Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last week I told you I was working on an afghan that I started when my mom gave me a crochet refresher course in July.

It's a fairly simple afghan with single crochet stitches, each row done individually so you always start on the same end and finish on the same end. It has 17 sets of 10 rows of the cream color and 16 rows of the variegated blue in between, for a total of 186 rows.

I squeak in at 5'1" and I'm holding my arms not quite straight up and it's still pooling a little at my feet. It's going to wrap around me nicely in the cold winter months.

Which I must say I am looking forward to immensely, because in the last couple of months I have a new symptom I get along with my migraines. Hot flashes! I don't get them any other time, thank goodness! But many of my migraines are tied in with my hormone fluctuations, so it's possible that the hot flashes are not too far behind. Technically I am old enough.

So I'm looking forward to the cold weather, using my afghan, and already planning the next one, with pretty colors but no fluffy yarn to mess with.


Mari said...

It turned out beautiful and I do love that fluffy yarn! You will be happy to have it in the lovely Michigan winter!

MomE said...

That fluffy yarn looks cool but gives me the "heebie jeebies" to hold in my hands. Eeek! HAHAHA! You go girl...I'm so proud of you. Whatta project to finish.

Betsy said...

Yes, I think they fluffy yarn gives it some interest and texture. I love a nice throw to curl up with in the winter. It turned out just beautiful! Wish we lived closer...I'd come over for a few lessons!

Bonnie said...

You did a great job Kayren ! I really like it !!

Demara said...

it looks cozy...hey you are an inch taller than me...I'm sure we BOTH could fit under your afghan...When can I come over? lol

Rochelle said...

sooo pretty! if you're on Facebook this should be your new profile pic. :) just cuz ya can!

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