Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Food in my Food

I'm ruining my reputation in one fell swoop.

It took so long to build it up, and in one measly meal, it's gone.

Maybe I'll blame it on Laura, The Organizing Junkie, for having this in her meal plan several weeks ago. I think that sounds like a good plan.

Here's a picture of the culprit before I ate it at dinner last night, touching, all at the same time.

It's called 5-Minute Southwest Layered Salad. It took Hubby and me a little more than five minutes to assemble all six plates, but not too many more than that.

It could have also been that I was over at the other counter part of the time making the Pioneer Woman's Shortbread Cookies. You know, just in case dinner didn't work out.

I have to be honest, as we were assembling these, I got second thoughts about this. Third and fourth thoughts, too. It has salsa and ranch dressing on it. Both! Not to mention black beans and corn. Together at the same time.

But by golly, I was going to have to take a big girl pill and eat some of this if I expected my kids to do it. They were watching me pretty closely out of the corners of their eyes wondering about me. Either that or I was a little paranoid with worry.

I didn't mess around and dug right in. My first comment: "This is surprisingly good." And it was. You know what's even better — everyone liked it! And even though it took a little more than five minutes, it was really very quick. We will definitely have this again.

It's meatless, too.

Just in case any of you out there are watching to see if this food in my food becomes a habit (Hubby, Mom, kids, Uncle John), don't count on it.


Betsy said...

LOL! I didnt' know food in your food meant that you couldn't layer things. It looks delish...glad everyone liked it! And 5 minutes quicker than the drive-thru!

Faerie Mom said...

Dude. I soooo could not eat that! Corn is not allowed to touch other foods. Ever. Glad you enjoyed it, though!

Mari said...

It looks great! I don't think my hubby would like it, because he is funny about his salads, but I could make it for just me!

Bonnie said...

you are so funny ! i'm so going to try this ... i love stuff like this !

ps ... how was the shortbread ?

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