Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

From the girls in our house,

and the two boys willing to be photographed this morning,

Merry Christmas!

We had an atypical Christmas for us. It was only the second Christmas in my life that I haven't had the traditional homemade chicken pie. The other time was 1993 when the girls were in the hospital and we were staying at the local Ronald McDonald House.

After unexpectedly spending Thanksgiving Day in the hospital with Hubby this year and the kids spending it with special friends from church, I cooked our turkey on the evening of Black Friday. It was what has become known as the great turkey disaster.

I always cook my turkey in the large plastic bags and they always turn out fine. My problem is that I always want to cook them upside down. Hubby always has to tell me which way is up. Since he wasn't here, I couldn't ask.

And the year I decide to cook it opposite the way I think it should be is the year I'll have it right the first time.

Well, the meat thermometer said the turkey was done and I started cutting. Eventually I realized I'd cooked it upside down and most of the meat wasn't cooked. It was too late to remedy the situation. I also found a second bag of innards, which is my second turkey-cooking issue. I can never find them or there is a second bag I don't find.

So for Christmas we had turkey! Complete with a surprise bag of innards upon cutting it!

I can also cook a turkey right side up if I buy one with a pop-up timer.

Here are the kids with their beloved socks, which we open last.

This is our "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" cake. It's a Williamsburg Orange Cake with Williamsburg Butter Frosting. I'll share the recipe soon!

I pray that you all had a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior!


It's me said...

What a story !!!........wishing you a great second christmas day !! give Robert a biggg huge hug from me again.......and you too of course......Merry Christmas......


Love Ria.....

Mari said...

You are so funny! Now I'll think of you when I cook a turkey. :)
Those are some great socks! I think you need to show a picture of the whole thing.
Did you make them?

Love Bears All Things said...

Did you make the caps the boys are wearing? Thanks for sharing the photos of Christmas at your house.
Mama Bear

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I did make them. The link is in the post on the word 'socks' to click over where I talked about them for the first time. There is a picture of one (unfilled) and talks about how big it is and how I made them. The kids look forward to them every year with great anticipation.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Mama Bear,
No, I'm definitely not that good! I purchased those hats because the boys love Mario Cart so much and I just thought they would be a fun stocking stuffer. They obviously thought so too!

Betsy said...

Cute, cute pictures!

What a hilarious story about the turkey!

I was just telling The Mister this week about Robert's liver donation. We were watching something on tv and they had a story of a Starbucks Barista who donated a kidney to a customer.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Merry Christmas, Kayren! It sounds like a wonderful day. Loved your pics! And am looking forward to that cake recipe;)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

P.S. My mom actually cooked her Thanksgiving turkey upside down on purpose this year. A friend had told her it was juicier that way~and, boy, was it! I loved it, but Vince not so much. He likes dry turkey (crazy, I know:). Apparently it can be done, but I don't know how long she had to cook it.

Demara said...

Turkey upside down?! lol too funny... and your kids look like they had a great Christmas :)

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Hi, Kayren - Merry Christmas. Other than the turkey fiasco, I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! And Jesus' birthday cake looks delicious! :)

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