Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Great Ink Pen Debacle, Part 2 (Subtitle: Mom, Why Is The Dryer Purple?)

When the military designed new uniforms a few years ago, someone thought it was a good idea to put a place to keep your pens handy on the sleeve. So there are these little slots for you to put a pen or two down on the lower part of your arm, like in a Mead binder.

The Great Ink Pen Debacle, Part 1, was about a year and a half ago, right after Hubby bought two new uniforms.

The first incident involved the washing machine and was fairly minor in comparison to this one.

I believe this pen made it through the wash cycle because it's a different washing machine than was in use during the original Great Ink Pen Debacle, because that washer bit the dust, but not because of the Great Ink Pen Debacle. (This is only further proof that I picked a bad washer and it's really not cleaning the clothes well. That's a story for another day.)

This is where family had just gone for a few hours...

...when I opened up the dryer to fold clothes and found this, including miscellaneous pen parts strewn about...

Well, after determining the damage, most of which was to Hubby's clothes, and further determining that I could not get any ink off with normal cleaners I had (I did not try bleach and I probably won't), I got old rag towels wet, did a dry cycle, and it appears that the ink is not coming off through an entire dry cycle onto anything. That's a blessing.

But does anyone out there know a good way to get this ink off the inside of my dryer? Every time I see it the OCD just screams inside my head. Caboose's answer is, which I'm thinking won't be a lot of help.

And in case there are inquiring minds, I am speaking to Hubby. With civility.


Mari said...

I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, but had to tell you about my dryer debacle. I had my young niece here for several days after my sister had a baby. She left a box of chiclets gum pieces in her pocket and I was left with tiny little pieces of gum all over my dryer. They turned into rock and I never could get them off!

Cherylann said...

How about softscrub or magic eraser? White vinegar?

Anne Alagna said...

I feel your pain. The inside of my dryer looks the same and i have never been able to get the ink off. I was sooooo disappointed too because the set was less than a year old and already had a blue-ish tint from new jeans (hubby) and a forgotten ink pen (hubby). Not that I am blaming hubby or anything... *big grin*

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