Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Hubby! You're a great Dad! We were waiting to get seated for lunch at one of Hubby's favorite places to eat when I took this picture. We usually only go on Father's Day or his birthday, unless Buddy picks it for his birthday meal.

Pictured in order from left to right are Sassy, Sparky, Caboose, and Buddy. See my first post if you need explanations.

Pictured below is our cat. In the interest of not protecting his privacy I will not be giving him a nickname for the blog and will be calling him by his real name, but please don't tell him. It's Peka, short for Topeka, like in Kansas. This was his name when we adopted him from Petsmart, and at the time Caboose was only two years old and left off the first syllable. We liked it and it stuck.

So the reason for the picture on Father's Day of the cat is that Hubby is allergic to cats. Not bad, just a little. He just can't be right in the cat's face or lay his head where the cat has been. And the funny thing about that is Hubby is convinced that Peka is trying to kill him. And not just recently, but for the past five years! Peka likes to sleep on his side of the bed during the day, but not at the end, nice and snug up by his pillows. But really, Peka just loves him. He would have said Happy Father's Day too if he could have, so instead he curled up with Hubby and Caboose the other night on the bed and watched Monster Jam. He's a man's man, or man's cat, or you know, whatever.

That's Caboose's caboose.

Happy Father's Day from us all!

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