Friday, June 20, 2008

Know & Tell Friday

This looked like something fun to do on a Friday evening, so here goes! It has to be better than the TWO! softball practices I've already been to today. For the same child.

Which is your favorite season? Why?
Winter is my favorite season because I love to be in a warm house and look at the snow coming down outside, which by the way I haven't seen in a long time, but it looks like I will because unless something drastic happens, we're moving to Detroit, Michigan, in a couple of months, or less!
Spring is my favorite season because I love to see the flowers and bushes blooming and everything green after winter.
Fall is my favorite season because I love to see the beautiful colors of the leaves.
Summer in not my favorite season.
Was this a fair answer?
Are you a bikini or one piece gal? Do the same rules apply to your daughter if you have one?
I am a one piece gal, or a tankini with shorts gal, which wears like a one piece. But alas, I am nothing right now, because the one tankini I have is a size too small and I refuse to buy a bigger one.
Absolutely the same rules apply to my daughters! We are big on modesty and not showing our bodies to tempt boys or men inappropriately. Our boys are also taught not to look. If there is something in public that they should not look at, we say, "Look at your shoes." That means to walk looking with their heads down so they don't see what we consider offensive or inappropriate.
Funny story. One night I had Buddy in Target about six months ago and he was pushing the cart. He asked me to help him because he couldn't push it straight, and we were walking up the large main aisle right after you walk in toward the back of the store. Well, he was looking at his shoes. They had very large pictures hanging from the ceiling that had less than modestly dressed women.
We're equal opportunity prudes.
What is your favorite summer getaway? Beach? Lake? Mall? Indoor ice skating? Why?
My favorite summer getaway is any place air conditioned. I don't do well in heat because it makes my migraines worse.
You're on a sandy beach, looking out at a perfectly blue ocean. The weather is perfect. What's on the table next to you? What book are you reading? Who is sitting next to you? What are you drinking?
A gerbera daisy in a vase would be on the table next to me. I would be reading a light mystery book, not the kind that would creep me out or give me nightmares, but not necessarily the one I would figure out immediately. Hubby might be sitting next to me, except that somebody has to watch all the kids, so maybe one of my Sisterchicks from Illinois. I am drinking a cold beverage with no ice. It would have been Diet Coke, but I gave it up about eight days ago. Now it would probably be unsweetened tea with just a smidge of sweet tea to take the edge off.
Do you tan? If so, are you an all-natural tanner or do you go to a salon?
I do tan, but I can burn first. You would never know I tan well if you saw how milky white my skin is, but I have skin that turns into the coppertone kid color. I have never been in a tanning bed in my entire life. I have the distinct privilege of getting farmer's tans regularly at baseball and softball fields every summer now.
What is your favorite summer clothing?
I primarily wear capris with t-shirts or a loose, flowy cotton knit top. I like sandals instead of flip-flops. I've never been able to do the thing between my toes. I think it bothers my OCD.
You're suddenly able to transport yourself to any summer in your past. What year would you chose to be in?
This is a question that I honestly have no answer for. I have different things I like about different summers, but no one stands out over the others. It probably has to do with it not being my favorite season. I think I'm weird.
On the modesty issue, two books that I highly recommend are by Dannah Gresh with Pure Freedom. It might not be for everyone, but if it's a concern that is on your heart, these are great resources. I've included below each picture what the website has to say about them.
Secret Keeper Girl promises to be one of the greatest tools contemporary moms have to connect with their 8-12 year old daughters, while at the same time teaching them vital truth about beauty in a world that bombards them with lies. But don't count on this Bible study to feel like homework! Secret Keeper Girl is the most fun you and your daughter will ever have digging into God's Word together. (Think: facials, tea parties, shopping challenges.)
During eight fun and easy-to-plan dates you and your daughter will tackle many questions including what is real physical beauty, what's the source of beauty, how can I feel it, why do I have to dress modestly, how do I know if I'm dressed modestly, who is most likely to influence my sense of style, am I enhancing or distracting from my beauty with what's inside?

Over 100,000 in print, this new edition includes all the secrets of the original PLUS Dannah's own "Truth or Bare?" fashion tests.
Reintroducing the break-thru book that teaches today's young women to embrace modesty. Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty speaks to a generation in the midst of fashion at war with God's design for a woman's beauty. Revolutionize her thinking and her wardrobe with this, the first resource available for teen girls and young adult women to persuasively present modesty as a prized virtue.
To see what others have to Know & Tell this Friday, pop over to Kicking It In Crazyville. You'll be glad you did!


Kari & Kijsa said...

this was a fun read!! Thanks for sharing!!

kari & kijsa

Heather & Reese said...

Thanks so much for joining in this week. I really enjoyed reading your answers. Thanks for the tips on the books. My oldest (13) is SUPER modest, but my youngest (6) is not.

So, you are a winter girl? I can not stand to be cold. My husband was raised in Michigan and he says our Oregon winters are mild compared to Michigan. I can barely stand one day of snow. I'm glad you might be moving somewhere with your favorite season!


Heather & Reese said...

I'll check out the book. It sounds great.

I noticed that you're a military family, at least for a while longer. Separating? Retiring?

My hubby's in the Air Force and we're in England. We just moved here in February after 5 years in Germany. The military definitely has its perks, but I'm anxious to get home. I think we're going to end up staying in the whole 20 though. Oh, well. No complaints, just a heavy heart at times from missing my family.

God bless you!


Lora said...

I enjoyed your Q & A's! Thanks for the tip on the book.

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