Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Genetic

Today Hubby went to the dentist. When he got home he said the hygenist was not kind. After I gave him the "I'm not sorry for you because you've never felt the pain that me and the kids that have had braces or mouth appliances have had" story, I asked him why it was so bad.

Hygenist made Hubby's gums bleed. She hurt him. She told him his gums were receding because he brushes too hard. Hubby confirmed he uses a soft toothbrush. You see, I've had the hygenists in something like five different states over the last 10 years tell me I brush too hard, so I understand this completely.

So after hearing his story, I said something to make him feel better. I told him it wasn't his fault he brushed too hard. You see, we're both the oldest children from our families. So that means we have Type A personalities, we're athletic teeth brushers, and it's not our fault, because it's genetic. He liked it! He immediately felt better and all was right with the world again. I love it when I can make Hubby smile.

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