Sunday, June 22, 2008

How'd You Spend Yours?

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary. Hubby and I were both 19 years old when we got married in between our freshman and sophomore years in college, after having been high school sweethearts since the 9th grade.

Now that you're back from doing the math to figure out how old we are, and no, we haven't had our birthdays yet this year, this is how we spent the day:

Look at the dirt on that girl! I really think they should be able to patent some kind of softball facial scrub, because every time I reapply her sunscreen she sure gets a good one. There are even some small rocks in there.

I spent my 22nd anniversary at a Little League All-Star baseball practice for Buddy. The last few anniversaries have certainly been unusual and not what I would have planned, but priorities change with children.

But I'm not going to say that I didn't want to do something different than sit out in 90 degree weather, where it's still hazy and smoky from some North Carolina fires (and we're in southern Virginia), where it's very dry right now, so when the wind blew the dirt on the field - oh my goodness! I even have dirt in my hair! The wind was blowing so crazy that there were several dirt cyclones on different fields during the day. I will say they were extremely cool to watch. Some even got applause. How odd is that. So if I could have, here's once place I would have liked to have gone for my anniversary:

And if I couldn't have gone there, I would have liked to have done this, but in my own bed, without the dirt in my hair:

And if I could have gone to eat and then taken a nap, that would have been even better.

But I wouldn't trade this smile or dirty face for the world:

So that's how I spent mine. How'd you spend yours?


Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! I think you had a good way to spend the day. I spent mine at work - I'm a nurse and it was my weekend to work.

Lora said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you are able to celebrate together on another day:) I definitely understand not missing those special moments with your children, those are the best!
I spent my day going to church with my family, taking a long afternoon nap, and the going to our youth service tonight. It was a good day!

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