Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birding 101 (for novice birders)

1. Go with experienced birders

2. who know their birds

3. who don't mind sharing expensive birding binoculars with you

4. and all four of your children

5. and have enough to go around counting their parents' binoculars

6. and don't mind pointing out lots of birds to you that you would never see otherwise

7. and don't mind telling you what bird you found when you say, "I see a little bird there."
(By the end of the second day, Hubby, Buddy, and Sparky were getting pretty good at identifying some of the warblers. I on the other hand was lucky to find them through the binoculars with my new progressive lenses, and the rest of the time I was entertaining the child who thought it was the worst day of his life, two days in a row.)

Photos of the female cardinal, male red-winged blackbird, and American robin, all banded and being released at Magee Marsh in Ohio. It was nearly impossible to get pictures of birds in the wild, so that's all I have.


MomE said...

The more I find we have in common the weirder it all becomes. I'm a super birder...thanks to growing up in the boonies...and having birder parents...I can identify all the birds in your pics...cardinal, red winged blackbird, and robin...right?

Betsy said...

OH, fun! Binoculars are really hard to get used to! And I really had a time when I got a bifocal lens in my contacts. Bird watching is so fun, though, especially when you start to be able to identify them by sight or by sound.

Happy Mom's Day!

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