Sunday, May 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday — May 11th

Last week we had two really good new recipes that are without a doubt keepers. Even my boys didn't complain and thought they were good.

The first one was "Really Good" Noodles and Chicken and it's name did not disappoint.

I could use adjectives like fantastic, yummy, or scrumptious instead, but we'll just go with the original. I doubled it for my family and had the leftover noodles for lunch by themselves the next day with a little garlic salt sprinkled on. The chicken would be fantastic on top of a salad just as well as the noodles. It's really pretty multi-purpose. I did not add the roma tomatoes or the capers called for in the original recipe.

The Chicken Parmesan was as good as any I've had before, and it really was pretty simple to make. It's hard to find something that tastes as good as something you've eaten out before, but this one really was yummy. I'd definitely recommend it.

Monday — Clean out the fridge and pantry. Sad thing is, I have no idea what is there.

Tuesday — Spaghetti.

WednesdayCrispy Chicken Tenders. I already bought what I needed for these last week, so I'm set here.

Thursday — Sam's Club Pizza. We never had that last week, so we'll go easy this night.

FridayFarmer's Breakfast.

Saturday — Leftovers, or I'll have to plan something later.

Sunday — Eat out since we ate in all week!

Go visit The Organizing Junkie for more great ideas.


Simply Sara said...

Oh, I'm so glad you liked the chicken noodles. They are "really good" aren't they?!
Mmmmmm.... I totally agree that the chicken would be fabulous on a salad!

Your Crispy Chicken tenders sound really good too! I'm bookmarking them right now :)

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

We love chicken at our house so the chicken tenders sound like a hit.


Snow White said...

I did use the chicken over salad and it's quite tasty!!

Melissa said...

That recipe for chicken parm sounds good and easy; I'll have to try that. And my family would LOVE the Farmer's Breakfast!

Betsy said...

I know we would love that chicken and noodles dish. I'm going to give it a try! I have a big serving bowl just like your blue one in the picture! :)

I got a few pounds of flavored coffee as part of my gifts yesterday. Creme brulee is what I'm drinking right now. Yummy!

Kelli said...

Your menu looks like mine :-) But, I am going to have to try that chicken and noodles one.

Love the menu... I am always looking for new recipes. I came through Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday Linky. I can't wait to see what next week brings.

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Rona's Home Page said...

I really enjoy Sam's Club Pizza.
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Have a great week!

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