Friday, May 22, 2009

The Universal Face, Nekkid Girls, and Having an Accent

Apparently I have the universal face. Everywhere I go, from Missouri, to Mississippi, to Louisiana, to Illinois, to Virginia, to Michigan, and everywhere in between, I have a twin. Or two.

When we lived at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, in the late 80's and early 90's, one Saturday afternoon we went with friends to eat at the Pizza Hut that was out in the little town just off post. The waitress asked me why I was back. I told her I wasn't. She swore I'd been in a little over an hour earlier. I told her I'd been with my husband all day, and he confirmed it. I still don't think she was convinced.

Today at Toys 'r Us, the lady checking us out told me I looked just like a girl that worked there, and that's why she kept looking out of her peripheral vision at me. I guess she felt like she needed to explain why she was staring, and I apparently was too oblivious to notice. I just told her she'd met the girl with the universal face, because it happens all the time.

The last couple of days the weather here has been absolutely beautiful and in the 80's. 80's, I tell you! I ran the air conditioner for 36 hours!!! Today it was in the 60's. But apparently when it is no longer coat weather, some of the female residents of our state feel the need to wear very little clothing. Maybe it's because they have to stay heavily covered for the better part of six months up here in the tundra, and when they don't, they let it loose. Shorts, halter tops, and tube tops were seen en masse today. Bra straps are usually not covered up. But the short shorts while Hubby and I were eating at the Bread Company took the cake though. I have panties that are bigger than this girls shorts were.

It's been a while since I've been pegged as an out-of-towner. Today at Sam's Club our check-out guy commented that I must not be from around here. When I told him I like to say I'm a Midwesterner and have no accent, he said, "Whatever you want to call it."

So then we go to Wal-Mart, and the check-out lady says, "You're not from around here." I'm floored. My first comment was to her, "That's twice today. The guy at Sam's said the same thing." And my second comment was to Hubby, "Am I talking funny today?" Hubby thinks he's funny and tells her we're from South Michigan.

So I decided to fully embarrass myself and make a little video with one of the girl's cameras and let you decide. I was able to keep my hands still for about zero point zero zero four seconds. What can I say? I talk with my hands. I did keep them under control pretty well though, because they get fairly animated usually.

On the phone I also get the "Is your mother or father at home?" If it's a call I don't want to take, that works to my advantage.


Mari said...

It was fun to hear you! I can hear just a tiny accent, but if I wasn't listening for it I would say you sound midwestern. I think you have a great voice!

onlymehere said...

I hear a very faint Southern accent but not much! I too have the problem with a younger-sounding voice. I often get this comment "is your mommy home?" They think I'm a little too young!! I'm 49 and can fool people if I answer either of my daughters' phones, especially my married daughter. I can even fool her husband for a short amount of time. I think your voice is very nice! Cindy

MomE said...

That was fun! An "ac-cint" IS sort of there...very faintly. I sort of figure that it comes out stronger after you've talked to your southern relations...right? Too fun...I'm gonna have to do a vlog sometime soon! Have a memorable memorial weekend!

Lora said...

That was so fun, Kayren!! You sound different than I imagined:) Isn't it funny how we imagine how a person would sound? You have a very nice voice~and you have almost lost your Southern accent entirely. There was just a hint, but mostly mid-western.

nanny said...

Hey Karyen, thanks for visiting my blog. I don't think you have an accent at all. I would never put my southern accent voice on here/haha
I am just outside of Searcy,,,,Bald Knob...

Betsy said...

Well, that was fun! Actually, when you stated talking, I thought, "Kayren's voice sounds a lot like mine!" I've lived in the midwest my whole life. If you have an accent, then I do, too.

Although, one time I was on the phone to a pharmacy in Alabama and the girl said she loved my northern accent. Funny.

Bonnie said...

This was great !!! I loved hearing what you sound like. It's neat to have a voice to put to the picture ! Maybe I should do something like that on my blog too !! Although, it's not going to happen tonight. I'm in my PJ's ! Uh ... let me clarify. I'm STILL in my pj's ! Didn't have to leave the house today so didn't get out of the pj's !!! So not making a video tonight !!! :)

PS ... you totally have an accent ! But, I like in Australia so it figures !

Demara said...

LOL that was a very nice post, TY!

Do you have an accent?
Why yes I believe you do!!

I know people say I have one too, but mine is only because I was born hard-of-hearing and tongue-tied. Took speech therapy and tried hearing aids until I got tubes put in my ears, so my accent is only because I still find it hard to pronounce words differently from how I originally learned to speak. (I had my tongue-tied surgery AFTER I had learned to talk and after I already had started school)

I have no idea about the US state, where you're from, conversations those cashiers had with you.

Here in Canada, we don't talk like that to people. As far as we're concerned everyone is a nomad and if you're not from around here, you'll say something, Canadians don't ask.

The universal-face? That's hilarious! I can't believe that you get that everywhere. weird!

Demara said...

Oh and like Bonnie, I think the video idea is a good one so others can hear what you sound like, but I however don't like how I sound.

In fact, I don't talk very often, because of all the trouble I had learning to speak.

I guess you could say, I feel like Moses when I talk!

So not sure if you'll see a video of me talking on my blog.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Wait a minute. Don't I KNOW you?!!!!

Just kidding. I couldn't resist. I don't think you sound like you have an accent. You do sound YOUNG though, so I get that people on the phone ask to speak to your parents. That was a fun idea to post a video of you talking. :)

Heather and Reese said...

Heehee, Kayren, what a cute idea. You sound totally different than I would have imagined, though I really don't know what I imagined. And yes, you have an accent. This coming from the gal that was told TWICE last week (within 1 hour's time) that she and her kids have strong American accents! I'm still not sure what that means, from an English point of view.

Believe it or not, I had your blog opened in one of my windows earlier today with the intention of commenting. Thanks- as always- for the nudge.



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