Friday, May 29, 2009

Garage — Before & After

On Memorial Day Hubby and I finally dealt with the garage.

We still can't fit our vehicle in it.

It's a three-car garage.

But in a couple of weeks after a garage sale, the van is in.

I also use the word after loosely in this post, because it's a temporary after, and sort of an incomplete after. In the after pictures there were still a few odds and ends laying, or is it lying, around. Eventually we will finish off the garage and put up some nifty shelving, but that is about the lowest priority on our list. So someday it will look much, much better. But clean is still better than chaotic.

When we moved into the house in November, the week before Thanksgiving, Hubby just unloaded all 400 or so boxes into the garage to be dispersed one by one to the appropriate room as I was ready to unpack them. Prior to them being unpacked, the moving company that had the heaviest of our items from Virginia came and unloaded the majority of those things into the garage (a few of those items went straight into the house, but the majority got left in the garage). Here's a picture of one side of the garage from that day, complete with rows of boxes. You know, so I could walk down the aisles and pick the ones I wanted.

On Monday, here is what we started with. Our BEFORE pictures. The double bay side:

The single bay side:

DURING pictures, because I actually thought to take them. The double bay side:

The single bay side:

Looking from the front outside corner of the double bay to the far inside corner of the single bay:

AFTER pictures. Same shot as before, except of course it's the after.

From the front outside corner of the single bay to the far inside corner of the double bay:

Pretty much that whole little wad of stuff you see in the floor in the middle of the picture doesn't belong there and has to go elsewhere, either for storage or to be gone through. All those empty boxes in the back are from moving (there are more in our basement!) and we are going to try to sell them or something. The majority of things in this picture will be gone after the garage sale, except from the bike forward.

This next picture is in the single bay and is where we stored all the furniture that we are selling in the garage sale or are holding to give to someone in our church, with the exception of a couple of things.

We repurposed some nine-cube stackable cubbies that we had in our military quarters that got really beat up in the moving process. We never have enough shelving in our garage (or porch or shed) so this sort of helps out for now. While they were in storage waiting to be delivered here, they also got attacked by mice, so they definitely couldn't go in the house anymore.

I'm a little afraid of emptying out the garage too much though. Because if I do, I have one teenager that will want a car to fill it up, and another teenager that will want a boat to fill it up. And since Hubby has wanted a boat for 43 of his 43 years, I know where his vote would be cast.

Pun intended.


Mari said...

You did great! It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start in a task like that~!

Betsy said...

Will you come do mine now?

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Betsy ~ if you'll promise no spiders and lots of yummy coffee! :)

Demara said...

wow you have the biggest garage I've EVER seen! You must have a pretty big van! I'm surprised "your vehicle" could "fill it up"?!?!?! lol I'm kind of glad we don't have that much stuff. Although I would like to be kept busy with it, every once and awhile :)

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

That's great!!! Hope you have a successful yard sale!

Bonnie said...

Pun intended ! I love that !!!

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