Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get 'er Done

Sounds like something Tow Mater from Disney's Cars would say.

Or maybe that Rascal Flatts would sing.

In my corner of the world, it's what the subdivision ladies do the first Wednesday of every month. Except that in my corner of the world the subdivision is called the sub, kind of like every carbonated beverage is called pop.

We take what we would like to 'get done' to the host's house, and socialize. I'm trying to remember more than five names. I know the two across the street, our eye doctor, and two other ladies. I've met most of the ladies twice, and a few years ago I would have the majority of the names down by now. Getting old is killing my brain cells.

This is what I took last month to Get er' done night:

I had to carry it all in one of those heavy-duty reusable Whole Foods bags. Heavy, indeed!

This really makes me look like quite the magazine/catalog girl, which I'm not. It had just gotten a bit out of hand and backed up since the apartment and the move. They just got thrown aside for later.

My goal at Get 'er Done was to go through them, tear out the recipes, design ideas, articles, or whatever I wanted to keep, and flip through the catalogs to make sure I wasn't missing anything, which is always a bad idea.

I got through four. Yep, four.

It took me several hours the next day watching Matlock and Clean House to go through them all. Because really, it needed done.

And another day, I'll show you what I do with all those torn out pages, because today I have to plan for tonight's Get 'er Done.

And it needs to be more productive than the last.

I'm thinking about taking a little Christmas ornament to cross-stitch. I started it, oh, eons ago, and I pick it up every so often. Problem is, I'm not sure I can see it without the progressive lens glasses that I ordered that are on their way.

Umm-hmm, you read that right. Good news is, since I'm so horribly near-sighted and my glasses correct my away vision, I can still see up close if I don't have my glasses on. Or I look under them. Tricky, I know.

But I have nothing else to take to Get 'er Done that I actually think I can get done.

And I really want to have something to show for it.


Mari said...

What a great idea, being able to get something done and socialize too.
I got the progressive lenses 2 years ago and they really help, but it does take a little time to get used to.

MomE said...'re inspiring!

Bonnie said...

what a great idea ! i should start something like that in my 'sub' ! ha ha ! but seriously, it is a great idea ...

i do the same things with magazines ... cut out the bits i want to keep and toss the rest. well, sometimes i give them to the kids first to cut out what they want too ...

Rochelle said...

I love the way you write; your personality totally shines through. :) You're so funny; I love it!!

And right off the bat you had me giggling just with the mention of Tow Mater. Love that dude.

Very inspiring. Keep it up! And hopefully no more killing of your brain cells.

Betsy said...

I once had 15 years worth of saved magazines. It was crazy! When I went on a huge decluttering campaign in my home, I spent many, many hours flipping through those magazines and tearing out what I wanted to keep. But the end result was a drop file of organized recipes and decorating ideas instead of 3 bookshelves full of old magazines. Now, when I got about a new magazine, I make myself purge the last issue just to keep on top of it.

We say 'pop', too! But not 'sub'...we eat those. :)

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