Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friendly Baseball Rivalries in the Workplace

Yesterday Hubby's boss told him to come to work an hour late since he was going to have to stay late for a meeting. Usually he's one of the first people in the parking lot. Yesterday, he got to park by the resident Chicago Cubs's fan. (Now I just had a ten-minute stress break over how exactly to type Cubs. Apostrophe-s, apostrophe only? If I were a newspaper, apparently I would have done only an apostrophe from what I read. But I'm not. So determining that the Chicago Cubs is a singular noun since they are a team and not plural as a group, I would apostrophe-s. Maybe it's the homeschool mom in me that felt the need to share all that with you. Otherwise it was the digressing, talking, blogging chick.)

Just in case you aren't a baseball fan and don't know, the Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals are rivals. And we love the Cardinals. Also a singular team.

Today Hubby got an email of their vehicles parked next to each other.

Hope you can see it better up close.


Mari said...

That is funny!

MomE said...

Really? That's really what their plates are?? Nuh uh!? That's hilarious!

Betsy said...

So funny!

I think I would just do the apostrophe. You wouldn't pronounce the S twice. But I don't have a grammar rule in mind to back this up! ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

really funny lol .About Cards im a big fan of them too.if you want watch their videos check this:

Jaycee said...

I LOVE it! I live in Illinois, but we're much closer to St. Louis, so the Cardinal--Cub rivalry gets vicious around here. Downright nasty sometimes! (BTW, I'm a Cards fan, too!)

Rochelle said...

That is hilarious!!!! :)

By the way, as an editor I have to tell you it would just be written as Cubs fan. Not Cubs's. And not Cubs' either. ;) But I also have to admit the rules on such are vague and vary from editor to editor and manual to manual. So I just say it as a personal preference, no real reason. ;)

I great up about 2 hrs from St. Louis but my fam was always for the Cubs. We grew up in a town though where they were rivals and all the stores had both apparel but more so for the Cards. Now I live in Chicagoland and am definitely a Cubs fan over the White Sox!! Go Cubs go!!!

That license plate thing thou is absolutely hilarious. Glad you have a picture or no one would believe it. :)

Rochelle said...

Oops. As an editor I should really read my own stuff. Just re-read what I wrote AFTER I sent it, and am embarrassed to see that I wrote "great" instead of "grew" in the first line of the second paragraph. Ahhhhh, shame on me! LOL

Bonnie said...

That is so funny !!!

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