Thursday, July 2, 2009

Green Thumbs, Weather, and Progressive Stores

I love impatiens.

They are colorful, if you pick lots of different colors.

They look great in a flower bed, window box, or pot.

They bloom from early spring until late fall.

They are resilient and very hard to kill. I haven't been able to do it yet. That says something for impatiens.

Since we have no landscaping yet, just sod, I put some impatiens in a couple of pots on our front porch. You know, once we warmed up and didn't have frost and freeze warnings anymore.

Which was about two weeks ago.

Okay, that was an exaggeration. It was about six weeks ago. Which means it was mid-May.

Here the pots are right after I planted them. They have a couple of gerbera pots I bought at Sam's Club next to them.

Here they were last Thursday, exactly one week ago. I know that because I took them during a lull in the garage sale.

Here they were earlier today. I still haven't even put any Miracle-Gro on them.

This is the extent of my green thumbs.


Speaking of earlier today, here is our high temperature, which is what is was yesterday also. I took a picture when Hubby and I were driving back from Wal-Mart.

Here was the time of day.

It's July 2nd! I still can't get over this. I was wishing I'd worn a sweater over my short-sleeve shirt. I was cold even though I had jeans on. Goose-bumps cold.


The other day Hubby and I were driving somewhere, and I saw another 'Progressive Store' so I had to whip out my camera.

Caboose thought it looked much better than the last one.

It looks like they even have a drive-thru. :)


Bonnie said...

impatiens are beautiful. just be careful if you plant them in the garden ... they will spread ! and if they get too big they get scraggly. i speak from experience !! :)

Mari said...

I plant impatiens every year - they do great in my shady yard.
Isn't this weather crazy. Such cool weather for July. I hear it's supposed to get hot next week.

Betsy said...

I love the color combination you choose for the impatiens...just beautiful! And I always think of you when I see Gerbera daisies! :)

The cooler temps are really amazing, aren't they? I was actually too cold last evening sitting in the family room with the door open to the back porch. It feels like September!

Demara said...

Today it's 71F and yesterday it was 78F, man it's so hot here right now that I'm sitting shirtless with a beautiful strapless bra on! :) Your flowers look lovely!!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I'm jealous! That temp sounds awesome. It's been in the 90 and 100's since mid June around here.

MomE said...

I must be too impatient...cuz mine always die...which is odd...cuz I can grow most other plants...huh? I do like them...pretty!

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