Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Organization — Linen Storage when you have no Linen Closets

Of course it came from Ikea! This was one of our first purchases when we went last November.

It sits on the second floor loft, which is a central location for all the kids. Our towels are kept on the shelf in our master closet, right off of the master bathroom.

I can't keep towels and washclothes under my bathroom sink. It gives me the heebie-jeebies. I'm funny that way. Sounds better than saying weird, too. So that area is limited to all the other things in a bathroom that need to be put away — cans, bottles, hair dryer, etc. — everything except toilet paper. I can't keep it under there either.

Go ahead and call me weird.

This is where we keep most of the extra bedding and pillows. It's on a back wall in the rec room. I've tried putting folded sheets between the mattress and box springs, but unless you barely fold them, it makes the mattress all lumpy and lopsided.

Our kids only have one set of sheets, so they get washed, dried, and put right back on. It saves money because I don't have to buy more sheets and storage space because I don't have to find a place to put them. My kids also don't like to use the flat sheet. They'd rather just use a blanket or duvet. I think they're weird, too.

But I'm not saying which side of the family I think it came from.


Mari said...

I don't like my towels and washcloths under the sink either. And - our kids only had one set of sheets too - wash, dry and back on the bed works fine!

Bonnie said...

I don't like mine under the sink either ! Looks like you are in good (weird) company Kayren !! I love your Ikea cupboard !! Very cute !!

Betsy said...

I don't think that would be weird if you lived in a dumpy house with filthy cupboards (and dirt from previous owners)..I wouldn't keep my towels in there either. But a brand new home...I could...and do! Well, our home isn't new, but we built it, so it's only our germs! ha-ha!

However, I do love your IKEA pieces and they are perfect for linen storage! :)

Demara said...

Just like you I too, don't like to put towels or tp under the sink!

We have a shelf next to our washer and dryer for towels...and we have a shelving unit from Wal-Mart that goes over the back of your toilet for TP and other things like bandaids or extra products.

As far as our linen goes, I'm SO disorganized. Good thing its all packed right now, because I have no idea where to put it all...Actually, the extra blankets are not packed in boxes...just packed away in the spare room's closet! Now that we do not have students or a spare room in the new place I'm thinking of either selling those things or just giving them away. We don't need all the extra bedding anymore :) Its another thing to convince the Mr. though!! arg.

MomE said...

I love the idea of one set of sheets...but alas, my kids still rather often need changes in the night, etc. etc. so my time for one set has not yet come. Someday...and the sheets will be very very cool!

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