Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Buddy's Birthday!

We're celebrating a birthday at our house today!

We now have a teenage boy to go with our teenage girls.

One of those teenage girls made him a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today.

Guess where we're going tomorrow night when the girls are gone on their youth trip.

Guess whose Dad had more fun playing with the wind-up zamboni on top of the Dairy Queen ice cream cake than he did.

Happy 13th Birthday, Buddy!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! I love the sandwich and the cake

Betsy said...

The sandwich is very cute! Happy Birthday Buddy! :)

Demara said...

Happy Birthday to him. cool cake!

MomE said...

Happy happy birthday Buddy bud! A teenager...ahhhh! Smiles!!

Kristenph said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! I cannot believe the sandwich. How funny!

Sneaky Momma said...

Wow! You sure were busy yesterday! Somehow I failed to notice that you were celebrating a birthday. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

That cake is adorable! Hope you have a great time at the hockey game tonight. :)

Ezzy said...

Happy Birthday Buddy

Lora said...

I hope Buddy had a great day!!

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