Friday, September 18, 2009

The $5 Starbuck's Gift Card Winners Are...

It's time to announce a couple of winners. Yes, I said a couple. But first, a little business.

It all started with the question I posed asking what fellow bloggers thought this picture was:

I got tickled when Mama Bear said, "It's hair." Very definitive.

Leann also thought it might be hair, hoping that it wasn't from a drain, while Seth's Mommy thought it was "crazy doll hair." Around my house, could be "crazy my hair."

There were also several guesses relating to fencing, garland or tinsel, and yarn. Mari was the first one to figure out that it was that fuzzy yarn.

And of course Hubby couldn't figure out what it was even though he lives with me and watched it form in my hands.

Then I go and get an email right before I post this, and my mom tells me that she and my step-dad haven't been able to come up with an answer for my picture either. Excuse me, but who came in July and gave me my crochet refresher course, specifically on this:

In honor of the whole Starbuck's theme, and since I did just do a post showing all about my mug collection, I used my Pike Place mug, the one that got my entire collection started.

All the names got placed inside and my boys each drew a name.

The winners are:

Congratulations, girls! If you don't get an email from me, just click on my profile and email me so I can get your card right out to you.

That was so much fun I think I'll do it again, maybe even next week. I mean, my girls are wanting to draw names, so to be fair...well, you get the picture...pun intended. Next time I'll do something like a Target gift card so maybe more people can play along.

This will probably be the picture, if you want to get a head start thinking about what it is.

Thanks for playing along!


Mari said...

Alright - you are tormenting me again! I want to point out that I did get it right on my second guess, but alas - I didn't win.
It was fun though - congrats to Ezzy and Betsy.
Now I'll start stewing on this one.

Betsy said...

Yes,...Mari,'re the smart one for figuring it out!

Thanks boys, for picking my name! LOL!

My blogfriend Nanatrish keeps talking about the pumpkin spice seasonal flavor at Starbucks. Have you tried that? I think I may have to check it out with my gift card while it's in the stores! :)

Thanks again, Kayren. :)

And congrats to Ezzy, too!

Demara said...

I don't go to Starbucks and we don't have a Target...BUT I will play along and guess what that thingy is...when I saw the other one I knew it was the blanket you made.

This other photo is SO blurry..but my first guess is: rose pettle

Ezzy said...

Congradulations Betsy
I figured I was off when I guessed. It is a pretty blanket.

Betsy said...

I got my Starbucks card today! Thanks fun! I rarely treat myself to a treat there, so I will enjoy it very much! :) So...if you won't venture out to a pumpkin spice, what's your 'regular' order there? I usually get a caramel machiato. And I agree that it's safer to get a favorite. And I hate finally being brave enough to order something new and then being disappointed. ha-ha! But I'll be brave this time! :)

Thanks are sweet!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Betsy ~ You get exactly what my hubby gets. I always get a white chocolate mocha, and I get it extra hot, otherwise I drink it too fast because it's just the right temp when I get it. The white chocolate mocha is a little sweeter than the caramel macchiato, which is what I used to get before they added it to the menu.

I can't wait to hear your verdict on the pumpkin spice. I agree on not wanting to be disappointed, especially when I don't go that often.

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