Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday — September 21

I've struggled with my menu plan this week and almost didn't even post one. I know there is a distinct possibility that I will have changes as the week progresses, but I've decided that having a plan in place to make changes to is better than no plan at all.

Wednesday night we have regular church activities, Thursday night is not only Buddy's 13th birthday but Hubby and the girls have a Bible study at church, and the girls leave for their first youth trip on Friday afternoon. We usually eat out to celebrate birthdays, so we will have to do it on a different day this week, and it's highly possible the girls will miss out. They are not especially happy, but given the option to go eat out or go on the youth trip, they pick the youth trip.

MondayChili Parmesan Chicken. I've got the chicken in the refrigerator and must make this tonight. It's been moved forward for two weeks now and is a new recipe. Hopefully it's good and can be kept in the rotation, because it is sure a simple one.

Tuesday — Clean out the fridge and pantry, which means soup and mac & cheese and whatever else is there. Maybe even some grilled cheese.

Wednesday5-Minute Southwest Layered Salad. I have everything I need for this but the lettuce, and it's quick and easy.

Thursday — Since we won't have time to go eat tonight for Buddy's birthday, I'm planning to make him Velveeta Macaroni & Cheese, his favorite. I don't usually get it because after I did once and saw how hard it was to clean out of a non-stick pan, I wondered what it did to the kids' insides. My kids love this stuff though. Sorry if I ruined it for you now too. We'll probably get a Dairy Queen ice cream cake unless he makes another request this year.

Friday — Tentatively planned for the night to eat out for Buddy's birthday, and the girls will just miss out. Sorry, girls, but have fun!

Saturday — I'm going to make something in the crock pot, to be decided later after I look at the grocery store ads. I'm leaning towards Country-Style Pork Loin, which all my guys love. The girls and I do too, but I don't think I've ever had the guys at home this long by myself.

Sunday — Eat out since we (almost) ate in all week! Birthdays don't count! :)

It will soon be time to start making some of those cold-weather recipes I don't feel like making in the summer, like Stew and Chili. I'm already drooling!

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Ronnica said...

Sounds good...I'd so come over every night but Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I must tell you I am slightly jealous you have twin girls. My prayer right now is to have twin girls. I am a hairstylist who needs some girls to do their hair!

Cindy said...

Sounds good to me!

Love Bears All Things said...

The chicken sounds like an easy dish. My DIL made chicken once with cornflake crumbs and I have the recipe but never made it. I need to do that.
We always had the Birthday person's favorite meal on their Birthday. My daughter's was ribs, my son's was Shrimp.
I'm with you, I'm thinking White Chicken Chili. It has been so-o long and I love it.
I always find having a plan is better than not.
Have a good one.
Mama Bear

Betsy said...

Well, it all sounds yummy to me! 13 is such a great milestone birthday! Fun, fun!

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