Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did She Drink the Cholesterol?

Caboose is going through a phase where he has to go with Hubby and me whenever we go run errands together. If it's just me or just Hubby alone, he stays home, but if we both go, he has to go. He's afraid we're going to die and he won't be there with us. We're hoping he outgrows this phase soon, because it's getting a little stressful for us too.

Lately he's been bringing his DS along with him, but then when we get to the store he wants to carry it in. He'll be in the middle of a game and not want to stop, or not be at a saving point, or something crazy like that. So the other day Hubby and I said, "If you come with us and it's not at least as far as Ikea, then you can't bring your game."

Tonight we made a quick run to Wal-Mart together and so Caboose came along. Since he didn't bring his game it required him to make conversation. Who knew there was so much to talk about?

Since there were some dark clouds he talked about rain and how it formed, thunder and lightning and how it formed, hurricanes and tornadoes and how they form, and which one of the two can cause more damage.

Somehow we mentioned spiders. It could have been me mentioning it first, Betsy over at My Five Men being on some sick spider kick all of a sudden and creeping me out, but I can't remember. That made Caboose start talking about the black widow Hubby found right before we left Virginia last year.

Caboose asked if it died, to which I answered a definite yes. He asked why we didn't just step on it and get it over with. Well, Hubby had it contained already when I got home, and once we got it in that jar it seemed like it would die pretty fast. Who knew those things were such stinkers.

If you haven't clicked over and looked at the old posts yet, we stuck an alcohol-laden cotton ball in the jar to suffocate it since it was still alive seven days after being put in the jar with no air holes poked to help it breathe. Tonight on the way home from Wal-Mart Caboose asked, "Did she drink the cholesterol?" Well, the spider did attack the cotton ball, which was what he remembered, and I told him I wasn't sure if she actually drank some alcohol or just suffocated.

Hubby told Caboose that drinking cholesterol would have been pretty bad for her too.

I'm just glad she's dead.


Mari said...

I read Betsy's post on spiders yesterday, and now you make me look at that black widow again! Enough spiders already! :)

Demara said...

I'm not sure I've ever really looked at a 'real' black widow up that close before. They sure have short legs! And Caboose is too funny. Cholesterol? hehe instead of alcohol? Love it!!!

Lora said...

Too funny!

And, I have to say *yea* I can finally comment on your blog! These hotels we're staying in have the absolute WORST internet connections and are hardly letting me comment on anything.

Betsy said...

Funny, funny! And aren't you glad I debunked the myth that spiders can hold their breath? But you knew that already!

You know, I think I first started coming to your blog when you posted about that black widow in the jar. I remember at the time thinking that if it had been me, the jar would have been out in the garbage on day one. She can die a slow death, but I wouldn't be watching! ha-ha!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

But Betsy, I was afraid the jar would break and somehow the spider would get free. And with Murphy's Law and all, it might come back to get ME! I had to be sure it was really dead first.

Love Bears All Things said...

He sounds like my grandson, Wonder Boy. He collects facts like a sponge. If you ever make a statement which is wrong, he'll give you a paragraph to let you know why you have it wrong. Its better just to ask him if you have your facts right.
My son once brought a widow in in a jar and he had to take it right back out. I do not want any creepy crawlies in my house. Gives me night mares just thinking about it.
I love the Cholesterol thing.
Mama Bear

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