Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's My Birthday — The Big Hair Edition

Last year when I posted about my birthday, I promised I'd post a big hair edition this year. Well, embarrassing as it may be, I'm keeping my word.

Get your giggle on!

It all started innocently enough. I was about 18 months old in the summer of 1967.

The biggest hair didn't start until college in 1984. That's when I also discovered the joy of the perm. It helped to "control the natural curl in my hair." Uh-huh. Whatever. I also went through an inhuman number of cans of hair spray. For years.

This is my freshman year in college:

This is my sophomore or junior year in college:

After graduation from college in 1988, Hubby was commissioned into the Army and went to Virginia for his Basic Course. My grandparents and I went over Thanksgiving to see him and visit the East Coast.

The wind never made it look any better. This was on the Virginia Beach boardwalk.

We also went to D.C. We were standing by the JFK Eternal Flame here, thus the serious faces. My grandma always had a smile on her face though. I wish I looked like that. Notice the hair doesn't move or change.

The hair even looked big from the back. What I wouldn't give to be able to wear white pants again though. If I had those, they wouldn't even go up to my knees. Gosh, they probably wouldn't even go on one leg.

This was in October, 1990. Still under the idea that bigger was better.

Even if I trimmed off length, I still kept big, and bangs.

This was the Christmas before I had the girls, so a little less than one year before I had them. I'm in the middle back, or I could say look for the biggest hair.

Today, there are no perms. I haven't had one in over 10 years. I have finally come to grips with my naturally curly hair. Unfortunately, it's still big on it's own.

And I'm actually happy to have a birthday. I'm weird about numbers. I don't like the prime number 43, so I'm happy to be 44. Who's weird enough to like to get old?

No need to answer.


Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday to you...and your hair! Hehehe! Love the blast from the past! Hope you have a fabulous time getting all even numbered and all!

spaghetti0625 said...

Happy Bday! Was the hair spray AquaNet by any chance? :)

Sarah said...

so Happy Birthday, and I'm probably the only other person in the world that likes getting older also. Every year gets better and better for me, that's why I like it!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Actually it was Adorn. AquaNet sprayed out like a hurricane and would move all the hair I had so carefully placed. Adorn sprayed out lightly, held nearly as well, and wasn't as sticky. Keeping the hair where I had placed it was of the utmost importance. :)

Go ahead and get some more belly laughs at my expense girls! I'm a big girl.

Betsy said...

Happy, happy Day!!! :)

OK...I giggled...I confess! ha!
Actually, the last, current picture is the most beautiful. Ah, what I wouldn't give for those gorgeous curls! Love them!

I'm cracking up with the number phobia. Just think how wonderful you'll feel with the nice, perfect 5-0. ha.

MomsTheWord said...

Go ahead, tell them what I used to call you.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

See if you guys can guess before I tell you.

Love Bears All Things said...

Some of us are blessed with lots of hair. It takes a while to get used to it but it is a blessing. I like the way you're wearing it now.
Happy Birthday
Mama Bear

Mari said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I loved the pictures. If only I could have just a little of your curl - mine is flat and straight!
Hmm - what did MomstheWord used to call you - I can't imagine!

Brian Miller said...

happy birthday!

Lora said...

Sorry I'm late in wishing you happy birthday! I hope it was great! I enjoyed the trip down *big hair memory lane*. I have my share of those pics, too! I don't have naturally curly hair, but no more perms for me either:)

Lora said...

P.S. I just saw where you said your hairspray was Adorn. That's so funny~my mom used that for years and years and was so devastated when she couldn't find it in the stores anymore. lol

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