Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday — December 7

Last week wasn't so good for sticking to the menu plan. It was busy, Hubby was out of town, I didn't have the pantry well stocked following Thanksgiving, and well, it was busy. A really good menu plan with a well stocked pantry would have been very helpful. Hindsight is always better though. I suppose the best news is that we did scrounge around and find things to eat without eating out, except for the planned birthday on Thursday and pizza on Saturday night. But since I never went to Steak and Shake with the kids (my own personal treat) while Hubby was out of town (even too busy for that), I figure pizza isn't so bad.

MondaySoup. I have some in the pantry to make!

TuesdaySpaghetti. This is a nice, quick, easy meal, and I had a request from one of the kids. Can't beat that!

WednesdayBaked Potato Bar. Another quick and easy meal, kind to the wallet, and my kids all love it. We have church on Wednesday nights, so quick is always a good option for this night of the week.

ThursdayBeef and Noodles. I never made it last week, and it's good and cold here, so comfort food is at the top of my list.

Friday — There will be leftovers from Thursday!

Saturday — I'd love to find a good chicken and dumplings recipe to try. Anybody have one? I've made this before with canned soup and canned refrigerated biscuits and it's good, but I'd love to go homemade.

Sunday — Eat out since we ate in all week!

This post is linked to Menu Plan Monday hosted by Laura, The Organizing Junkie.


Betsy said... all sounds delish!

I'd love to know what you put on the baked potato bar...and even more specifically what YOU will eat on top of a baked potato! :)

Amy -Cutting Coupons in KC said...

I have a great recipe for Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings here:

This is a favorite at our house and so easy to prepare!

SnoWhite said...

I enjoy this chicken soup recipe -- (the dumplings were just okay... but the soup is fantastic):

Amy -Cutting Coupons in KC said...

You can substitute 1 packet of dry onion soup mix for the Homemade Gourmet Seasoning in this recipe.

Rona's Home Page said...

Your menu look delicious.

Victoria said...

I have a good chicken n biscuits recipe since I am not into boiled dumplings. The beef and noodles look great!

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