Thursday, March 4, 2010

Africa Souvenirs

Sparky brought some neat souvenirs home from Togo, so we thought we'd share those for Show and Tell this week.

The ladies got to go to the market early in the week. She bought these bracelets and necklace at the market. They are made from animal bones.

There were people who came through during the week and sold things. She purchased some fabric and then you might remember me showing you the picture of the lady who made her dress. That was with the fabric she bought.

If you've read my blog much, you will remember that Sparky has issues with clothes being fancy. A v-neck on a plain t-shirt makes it fancy. Well, she had to make a big decision with this dress on the neckline. She could have just left it without the extra stitching at the top, but she was worried it would be too plain! It even has some pink thread up there. I think she made a good choice.

Mrs. Smith, the older lady that worked with them in the kitchen, purchased a wooden chicken one day from a man that came through selling some wooden items. It came with five little chickens, and they all had spots painted on them. She gave the other three ladies (girls) one of the little chickens to remember her by.

I've never quite seen a chicken like that one.

One day they went to the "blind shop". She picked up these two hand-carved wooden elephants for her brothers.

And she also got me this doll for my doll collection.

She got me this hand-carved giraffe from one of the men who came through and sold things where they were staying, since it's my favorite zoo animal.

There was a young man named Mawilly (which I am spelling phonetically) that she helped prepare things for prior to the children coming over each day (separate from the hospital work). He made jewelry, and she purchased the two plainer necklaces from him, and then he let her pick out one of her choice for helping him. She picked out the one that has the larger beads on it. She said he spoke pretty good English too.

I have a couple more souvenirs that I'll share later. One is lost in Mr. Churchmember's suitcase (it's Hubby's), but it is in New York now. I also have matching bags that Sparky got for me and Chatty I forgot to take a picture of, and she got Hubby and me some coffee.

I'm going to do what Julie in Australia suggested and have her work on a guest post. If you have a specific question you'd like her to answer about her mission trip, please leave it in the comments.

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Mari said...

A guest post is a great idea.
I love her souvenirs. And the dress is just beautiful!

Gee said...

those souvenirs are just beautiful. not forgetting the dress too and thanks for sharing them with us.

Bobbi said...

The dress is beautiful...and looks comfortable. I'd love a guest post!! I'd like to known about the "senses" of being there. How was the heat? Oppressive, did you get used to it, etc.? What were the smells? Spicy, awful, surprising? Soooo exciting!

JMS said...

What memorable keepsakes. Thanks Kayren for taking my suggestion on board. I am so looking forward to reading Sparky's post (as is my nine year old daughter).

Julie in Australia

Lora said...

Great souvenirs!! And African coffee, too...yum!!


What beautiful treasures! The dress is beautiful! I would love to go visit some day! Thanks so much for sharing! -April

Heather and Reese said...

The dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it. I love seeing all the souvenirs. What an awesome experience for her!

I know a teenager here in England who wants to be a midwife and move to Africa. Isn't it refreshing to see young people thinking ahead on ways to help people and reach out with God's love?! It's so exciting.


Rochelle said...

yay! what neat souvenirs!

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