Saturday, March 13, 2010


Don't you love getting packages in the mail? I do.

I love getting them when I know they're coming, even if I don't know exactly when they're coming.

About a week and a half ago I got a package. I'd actually kind of forgotten I'd be expecting one.

Maybe about six weeks before I'd sent my mom an email with a link. The email was pretty much begging her to make me what was in the link.

Because I can't knit, I can only crochet.

She called me from the yarn store in her home town a couple of days later asking me to pick my yarn color from the three choices. Of course I picked blue.

Here's what she made me.

Of course it was also frigid Michigan weather when I begged her, and today it was 60.

The frogs in the empty lot next door are even thawed out and croaking. Croaking all day and night.

They will for weeks. Weeks.

My mom had never knit in a circle before. I think she did an excellent job.

I got to wear them around the house a couple of times and I wore them out once last week when I knew I'd be sitting somewhere and be chilly otherwise. Then it warmed up this week.

The original link with the pattern can be found here. I love this site!


Mari said...

Very cute! I could use a pair too - but not now. I'm so happy it's warming up!

Betsy said...

Those look very cozy! I think they might give me claustrophobia though! LOL! I woke up to birds chirping this week...yes, spring is on it's way!

Rona's Home Page said...

I remember having a pair of those as a teenager while living in Southern Maine.
They were great for keeping my legs warm in the winter.

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