Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday — March 8

I thought I did pretty well with last week's menu, until I went back and reviewed it prior to doing this week's menu.

I did somewhere between so-so and stunk.

This is going to be a busy week, so I really, really need to stick with the plan. Really.

MondayFettucine Alfredo. This is one of Sparky's favorite foods, as well as mine, and she asked for it now that she's back home. I should have time to go to the store when Hubby gets home from work and get the groceries I need for the week, including for this, and still have time to make a fairly timely dinner.

TuesdaySloppy Joes for Small Group. That includes 12 people other than my 6. One is allergic to tomato products and will eat pb&j, so it's only 17, like that counts, but the good news is that other people are bringing salad, chips, and dessert.

Wednesday — If I'm lucky, I'll have Sloppy Joes left over.

ThursdayItalian Baked Chicken Breasts and Butternut Soup. I had these planned last week and didn't get to them.

FridayNachos. Also didn't have these last week and still have the taco meat in the freezer.

Saturday — Eat out since we ate in all week!

SundayWild Rice Salad. The other thing I planned last week that I didn't make. Since this is something that is to be eaten chilled, I'll make it on Saturday and then we'll eat it when we get home from church.

For hundreds of menu plan ideas, visit Laura, The Organizing Junkie!


Rona's Home Page said...

It's Sunday and I'm doing some blog visiting.
Please feel free to leave a comment at my giveaway post.
You have a terrific week!

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing your menu. I always get so many great ideas. Have a great week.

Rochelle said...

I just wanted to say I always love reading your menus. I hope I get this organized someday. :)

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