Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Bible in 90 Days

Well, I needed the two grace days to finish, but I did it in 90 days.

I've heard about people who have been given a Bible and read it cover to cover in literally days. That's always amazed me. The Bible is a long book.

Now that I've read it through in 90 days, rather than trying to read it over a year (which I've never successfully completed that way), I can sort of see how someone might do that. The Bible reads much more like an ongoing story when it's not being chopped up into 365 pieces. You want to keep reading and not put it down, and if it weren't for the obligation of my children and home, I would have kept reading at times. I actually got at least a couple days ahead early on, before I got hung up in the Chronicles. The beginning of those went slow for me.

I've never been a lover of the Psalms. I know, I know. I'm the only person in the world. But reading them through in larger chunks I found that I liked them more than I thought I did. They made more sense to me that way too.

I've also never read the four gospels through one right after the other so quickly. I enjoyed seeing all the similarities and being able to recognize them immediately.

One thing I did when I was a little over halfway through the Psalms through the end of the Bible — any time I read a verse that contained the words for a song or hymn, I would put a musical note in the margin of my Bible. I heard someone say they did that and I thought it was a neat idea. Now I just have to do the other half of my Bible when I read it through the next time!

I want to read the Bible through in 90 days chronologically. I think I might do that starting in July at the mid-year point.

Thanks to Mom's Toolbox for guiding us each day along the way. I just noticed she's leading it again starting July 5...

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