Saturday, March 20, 2010


I will tell you that some people at our church will be getting pelted with them in a couple of weeks. Either the church leadership or the Awana leadership and leaders. Depends on which group wins a certain ongoing contest. Some of the men are getting it either way because they are in Awana and also deacons. Insert a little giggle here because my husband is one of them.

But that is not the purpose of this post.

I bought a cute new winter vest this last week at Sears. It was in their Lands' End section on super duper deep discount clearance, where you get an extra big percent off of the already deep discounted price. I'd been wanting a cute quilted nylon type vest, and it was in a chocolate brown. It was also my size. It was about the only thing in my size amongst the teeny tiny things that are always on clearance because there can't possibly be that many microscopic people out there.

So I got it. And since it was in the 60's all week I didn't wear it.

It was 36 when I went out today. I wore it along with a mock turtleneck and a t-shirt!

So just to switch gears for a minute, I'm doing my first Awana T&T council time lesson tomorrow. The girls' director doesn't usually do the lessons herself and the leaders do. This just happens to be the first time this year I've done one. It also happens to be when we're going on an off-site visit to an assisted-living facility and doing a group council time with the boys.

My husband is the director for the boys' T&T club. He does most of his own council time lessons. I suppose you could say that it worked out that I happen to be doing the girls' lesson this week and we are collaborating.

Except that we do things very differently, and we both realize that.

Today though, he is being very cooperative and getting his done early to please me. I was sitting at the computer earlier looking up some facts for my part. We had a little discussion at which point I said in a gentle exasperation while hanging my head, "It would work so much better if you just listened to me the first time." Kind of like a week ago. He came over and put his arms around me in the computer chair and said, "My cute little marshmallow." You know, because I was still wearing my cute little new vest.

Which is apparently puffy.

My head is still a little congested from this cold. I can't decide whether to be flattered or never wear the vest again.

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Mari said...

I'm sure you look really cute in your vest! I also want to hear more about this marshmallow pelting plan!
PS - I tagged you for a photo meme. Hope you don't mind!

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