Thursday, May 13, 2010

High Fives at our House

We've always laughed at our house because although Hubby and I are nowhere near the same height, our hands are the same size.

Well, technically his hand is larger but my fingers are longer, thus making our overall hand length the same.

The funny thing we noticed tonight is his thumb is bigger, my second finger is longer, and his ring finger is longer. The middle and pinky are the same. Details stick out when you're taking pictures.

So the point of this was that Hubby keeps going on and on about Buddy's hands. He has been for a while because they're so big. Hubby keeps saying that if he'd had Buddy's fingers he could have palmed a basketball. Buddy obviously got his long fingers after me.

I think the wedding ring in the picture will be the hint on which hand belongs to Hubby, but the other one is Buddy.

Just for a little giggle, our softball player that has to handle a much larger ball than the baseball that Buddy does, has tiny hands. Tiny even before being compared to Buddy's:

She'll never palm a basketball, except for those little miniature ones.


Betsy said...

That's cute! Better your hands being the same size than your feet, right? LOL!

Rochelle said...

haha! cute post! :)

Mari said...

I love this post! Isn't it interesting how different hands can be? I'm surprised how long your fingers are considering your height!

Love Bears All Things said...


I see your sewing machine in the background. What kind do you have?
Mama Bear

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

It's a Brother sewing machine that I've had for about 12 years. I think I'm about to upgrade to the new one I saw in Wal-Mart the other day that has something like 80 pre-programmed stitches and lots of extras. I've been doing lots of'll see soon!

"D" said...

it was really neat to see the comparisons.

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