Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day with four children, May 14, 2000.

As in four children six and under (January-February, 2000).

As in six just the previous month before the fourth one was born. We were homeschooling kindergarten then. Those were busy days at our house.

There's a funny story about my hair in that last picture. I needed a haircut badly, and I really didn't see getting out of the house for one any time soon. I cut my bangs by myself all the time (since college when I'd had a very bad experience with too short bangs one too many times), so I just used that layering technique a smidge on the sides to taper it so it wasn't so lumped at the bottom, then I had Hubby come in the bathroom and told him how long I wanted it and to cut it straight across that length. Obviously my hormones were a little off kilter still. But it worked.


Mari said...

Look at those cute kids! Isn't it fun to go back and see those pictures?
I love the haircut story! Happy Mother's Day!

Betsy said...

Cute, cute, cute! Don't you just look back and wonder how you did it? And the hair cut turned out really cute!

Lora said...

Great pics, Kayren!! I can only imagine how busy you were:)))

Love Bears All Things said...

Very nice pictures. I cut my hair myself, often. Haircuts cost $35-$45 here.
Mama Bear

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