Friday, May 21, 2010

I Don't Look Like The Dog I Don't Have, But I Do Think Like The Cat I Do Have Looks Like


It will just take me a little bit to get there, plus some digressing along the way.

Yesterday Betsy did a post about people looking like their dogs, and apparently people who buy purebreds are more likely to look like them. There are studies that show that.

Of course my first thought after I got done looking at her post after I got done giggling was that the pictures reminded me of those Lipitor commercials where people and food look alike.

I don't have a dog, so I can't look like my dog, but I do have a cat. He's black and white. I don't look like him either. The cat I had the year before I left for college was black and white also. I didn't look like him either.

Here's our cat, Silly, that was adopted as a stray cat when I was 17 and a senior in high school. I took this because it was very E.T.-ish.

The story of how he came to be ours was this:
  1. You first have to know that we lived in a subdivision that was at the bottom of a mountain, and our house was going up the side a little. We had large ditches for rain water, and large round concrete drain pipes under our driveways so the rain would keep going from the ditches on each side.
  2. My sister heard a cat in the next-door neighbor's concrete drain pipe walking home from the school bus. He lived 'below' us, as in he got our rain water.
  3. We got the cat to take bologna slices. He'd snatch them and take them back to the middle of the pipe.
  4. We eventually got the cat to come up to the corner of the house behind the tree/bush.
  5. We got the cat to come up to the porch.
  6. At this point my mom said we weren't having a cat for a pet.
  7. Then we weren't ever having a cat in the house.
  8. The cat was never sleeping in the house.
  9. The cat could only sleep in the laundry room, which was really an added-on finished room.
  10. Eventually the cat became an only indoor cat. He got shot in the shoulder and was missing a few days.
  11. When my mom had breast cancer and lost all her hair from her chemotherapy, the cat slept up on top of her head and kept it warm.

I just love how that all worked out!

When we decided to get a cat for our little family of six, I went to PetSmart first to check out what was available for adoption. The black and white cat caught my eye. They always do!

He had an awesome personality, so Hubby packed the kids up in the other vehicle, already bathed and in their summer pj's, and brought them up to see how he did. We took him home that night.

His name was Topeka, and since Caboose couldn't say it and I wasn't crazy about it, we shortened it to Peka.

He likes the vents in the winter in Michigan. He's a Southern cat.

I always tell people how much I loved algebra in school and despised geometry (with every fiber of my being). It's because algebra is black and white and geometry is very gray (those proofs were my demise).

That's why I'm an accountant. Definitely black and white. There is always a right answer. It always has to balance. If it doesn't, you figure out why.

Thus, I think like my cat's (cats') colors.

Silly had a pink nose, Peka has a black one, and when my mom visits she calls Peka, "Silly Peka." Unnecessary for my thought process, but the kids all think it's funny that she calls him that.

Now Hubby looking like our cat?


Mari said...

This is one of those posts, that I could read and know who wrote it just by reading it. You are so funny! You're also black and white, so I get the title of the post. :)
I loved it!

Betsy said...

Didn't see Silly for a few seconds there! ha. Love the story of how he slowly won your mom's heart...ending with the head warmer. :)

Peka is a gorgeous kitty!

Nugget lays on the floor vents, too! Especially in the summer to feel the A/C.

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