Friday, May 28, 2010

If It's Not Working, You Can Change It

I reorganized my laundry room and the walk-in closet directly off of my laundry room last year right before Labor Day. You can click here to check it out if you'd like.

The biggest change was adding a white folding table as a folding surface for clothes.

I thought it was a brilliant idea and it would be so helpful for me.

It became a surface for stuff and took up valuable space. I was tripping over the laundry baskets that we use to sort the clothes that need to be washed, plus I'd rather watch a few minutes of tv in my bedroom while I'm folding towels rather than stare at a wall.

So I moved out the table and moved the three laundry baskets over in place of it. I still hang the clothes up as I take them out of the dryer on the rods. You can tell they need to be taken upstairs right now.

Clothes that need folded so they don't get wrinkled do get folded straight out of the dryer, but I just do it over by the dryer. The table wasn't worth it.

It's been this way for about a month and it's working much better.


Rochelle said...

Glad this new way is working out better for you! You're so right! My tendency would be to just tolerate it after the original work I put into it! I'm feeling that way about reorganizing my hallway closet last year and while it's better than it was, it's still not quite functioning the way I wish it was!! So alas, I need to do something about that. :( Hopefully soon! Thanks for helping motivate me! :)

Kansas Amy said...

It's all about what works for you! And what works one day may not be ideal the next. Thank you for sharing!

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