Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's A Baby Shower!

Not mine.

Our ladies' group that hosted the women at church two Saturday's ago hosted a baby shower this last Saturday. They said it's very rare to have two events this close together.


I was responsible for decorations. Nothing fancy though. I was supposed to try and use what they already had if I could.

A couple of the ladies had just cleaned out all of our items and considered throwing away a dozen ceramic booties. I found a way to re-use them after a trip to the dollar store.

I grabbed a couple of bunches of fake flowers, a couple of packages of the 'It's a Girl" signs, and a couple of packages of the plastic baby bottles with pink tops. My challenge was getting them to stay upright in the booties.

I also found a package of 24 little Styrofoam balls at the dollar store. I put the end of the flower stem that I cut off the bunch in one and the end of the "It's a Girl" sign in another one, then I put those in the bootie, stuck the baby bottle in, and then stuffed it with the shiny grass. That helped hold everything in place without gluing it down.

We reassembled these cardboard baby blocks and used them, then I also purchased the baby-themed coiled wire at the dollar store and just put it willy-nilly around the centerpiece on the round tables.

There was a basket that they wanted to throw out also when they were cleaning. The handle was loose and would fall out if you tried to use it. I just pulled it out on the other side and threw it away, then I used some ribbon and beaded fringe to cover up the blue-shaded splints on the basket. We used it to hold the prizes for the shower games.

This little bear was going to get thrown out too! I cut off his black bow, tied some "It's a Girl" curling ribbon around his neck, and we put some balloons coming out of his basket. Then I used three fake flowers from a bunch at the dollar store to cover up the inside of the basket.

I used three more of those flowers with the curling ribbon in a loose little bunch on the gift table next to one of the cardboard baby blocks.

Yummy punch with a floating ducky. I wasn't responsible for this, but it's cute and I had to share it.

We didn't have the standard baby shower cake. We had this most yummy strawberry cake, and as soon as I get the recipe I am sharing it with everyone I know and making it as often as I get an excuse. It was awesome!

I don't have to do anything this weekend. Whew!


Mari said...

You did good! Everything looks so cute!

Love Bears All Things said...

I love all of the decorations and the fact that you found a way to reuse the older items.
Mama Bear

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