Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take Command

I love the Command Picture Hanging Strips. I love them so much that I've already blabbed about how I've used them here, here, and here.

There are two strips that attach to each other with a plastic velcro-like material. One of them sticks to your picture (or whatever) and the other one sticks to the wall (or whatever). I tend to have more whatevers than walls.

Here's my latest whatever:

I got these cute little pictures at JoAnn's super inexpensive around Valentine's Day. A key word there is little. They are too small to hang just anywhere, and hanging them from that wire would be a little dorky. Believe me, I held them up around different places in an imaginary way and tried.

Some little light bulb (or camera flash) went off in my brain one day when I was walking by our game cabinet. I thought they might be cute hanging on the side instead of having to look at it all plain every time we came down the stairs.

Of course I immediately thought of my handy dandy Command strips. I used the smallest ones for these. I usually adhere the whole strip put together on the back of the pictures (or whatever) first and then peel the backing off of the part that goes on the wall (or whatever) and just press it on. Then I don't have to try to match stuff up. It's already on there.

Here is a side view:

We played the "What's Different" game with the top of the cabinet once. I don't know if I mentioned that before, but I don't think I did. It happened on a small group night when I was dusting and I decided to change it. The only thing that was originally there is the house. You'd think the tree might be obvious, but I even had to tell Hubby where to look. Oh, well.

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Mari said...

Those pictures look great there! I like what you have on top too.

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