Sunday, January 23, 2011

Airport Courtesy

If you see a famous person at the airport,

and if you make eye contact with said famous person to the point that they realize you have recognized them,

does that mean you are friends?

Hubby said if it does, he's friends now with Mike Ditka.

That makes me wonder,

if you go up and shake their hand,

do you get to have holiday dinners with them?

If it does, we won't, because Hubby just made eye contact.


Mari said...

So now that Robert is friends with Mike Ditka, I can say that I'm friends with someone who is friends with Mike Ditka!

Betsy said...

Oh, fun!

So, does that mean Robert is now kind of famous? Just a little? LOL!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I was just saying this past weekend how I missed Mike Ditka coaching the Bears. I bet they would've beat the Packers to the Super Bowl. :)

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