Monday, January 10, 2011

Modern or Not?

When I think of modern furniture, I don't usually imagine that I have any in my house.

And then I pop over to CSN Stores and see this:

And it's almost the exact same light fixture we put in the glowing green bathroom. So apparently I'm a little modern too!

Last year I had the opportunity to team up with CSN and host two giveaways. This time I get to review a product myself. I'm excited, so watch for it in an upcoming post.

And in the meantime pop over to CSN and see what's modern, and even what's not! They have some really cute dishes that I wouldn't have called modern either.

So, is your decor modern?


Mari said...

I would never say I was modern, but there are some things I like that are. I know that at CSN you can always find something you like!

Rochelle said...

Score! :)

I have a few modern things but it's pretty hodge podge. I'm not even sure you can classify anything of mine as any particular style. It's just whatever I feel like at the time, lol. :)

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