Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tour The Rooms — Sparky's Room

This is the color that I thought I would be painting either my living room or my bedroom. I happened to have the swatch card and it's the one that Sparky picked! I wouldn't let her do the glowing lime green like the bathroom.

She's very happy with it and thinks it brings out the green she has in the room nicely.

This is the view when you walk in her room out the front windows of the house. (None of our bedrooms are on the first floor.) Her room is slightly recessed from the doorway.

She painted the picture on the wall between the windows when she was eight years old. There was an older couple in Illinois from our church that were good friends of ours, and he taught her how to paint. She has some natural artistic ability.

This is the view to the left.

We (as in I) just hung that mirror after we got done painting. I found it for half price at Hobby Lobby about a month ago and knew it would be perfect for that spot. She has trouble getting to a mirror in the bathroom occasionally when everyone is getting ready at the same time. I couldn't hang it too high or she wouldn't be able to see in it.

This is the view to the right from the door.

She definitely has some green in here!

Her bed, nightstands, green shelves, and red dressers are all from Ikea.

Her paint color is Cloudy Day by Behr. I have a lighter color of blue for my room, but if I don't like it, I'm going with this one.


Mari said...

I like it! The green is a good accent. I like all the bobble heads too. I think I remember a post on them a while back.

Betsy said...

I love blue and green together! Very nice room and it shows her personality well!

Kayren said...

Mari, I think those bobble heads were Caboose's. I don't think I've shown even a peek of her room yet. All of my kids have them, but wait until you see Buddy's room! It's coming soon...I'm just waiting for him to put some ball cards away again.

Demara said...

I love that cloudy day color !! And that shade of green is beautiful :) Looks nice.

Alum Groups of Delta Delta Delta said...

Tones of Blue and Green are always
winners. Being an art major myself, I always appreciate the
use of these two colors that do
complement each other so well.
Sparky has good color sense and
should keep up her painting.

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