Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Heart Wreath

I don't think I've ever had a wreath specifically suited for Valentine's Day.

Now I do.

I got the idea for this Ribbon Heart Wreath at Crafty Sisters. They have some great ideas!

I think mine looks a lot different, but I started with the exact same wreath that I found at Michael's. I used some curly ribbon from pre-made gift packaging in pinkish hues. I also got a small roll of silver holographic curly ribbon and cut and curled it myself. I tied the ribbon all around the wreath and on some of the loops. (I cut some of the pre-made gift packaging ribbon in half before I used it or it hung too long.)

I took two pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper with different prints. I cut them in 1/2" strips and rolled them around a pencil. I looped them through the red pre-made loops of the wreath.

To hang it, I used a strap that came wrapped around one of those throw blankets. It has a velcro closure so I just slipped it through the loop on the back and closed it and hung it up.


Mari said...

You are the queen of wreaths! I love it!

Kayren said...

I have more coming!

Bobbi said...

LUV the wreath. I gave you a blog award...please don't feel obligated but DO feel complimented!!

It's me said...

This heart is so beautiful.!!.....lovely Ria...

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