Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Trip, Ikea, My Kitchen

Yesterday Hubby took his first trip out of town since his surgery in November. I think it's like the first time I haven't driven him to the airport and still had time to drive the hour back home and get back in bed by 5:30 a.m. That alone makes this non-morning person happy.

Yesterday it was mid-morning, so Ikea was open, and if I do the loop different, it's on the way home. So of course I did the loop different and went. That makes me ecstatic.

(By the way, Hubby went to the doctor last Tuesday. They did a CAT scan of his liver and a side-by-side comparison from before the surgery. His liver is fully regenerated. He saw the original scan with the two lobes and the new one where the one lobe takes up the same space. I keep telling him to be careful carrying his suitcase even though he got cleared to do regular activities. I mean, he went out the next morning after he got cleared and decided to shovel a little snow. He's nuts! He also got in trouble with me.)

Betsy asked me what I got at Ikea in the comments yesterday. I looked at pulls and knobs for my kitchen cabinets when Mari and I were there last April, but they didn't have enough in stock. So I looked at those and they had plenty. I've started putting them up.

It's a chore! I've done five. I have lots to go.

I'm doing knobs on the drawers.

They are all a black matte finish, and some type of metal that reminds me of iron. Very substantial.

I also bought the nifty guide with holes to help you line up where to drill. At under $2.00, I consider it the best purchase of the day.


Mari said...

Glad to hear Robert is doing so well! Tell him to behave. :)
The knobs look really nice.

It's me said...

I like that knobs !!...nice to hear David is doing fine !!....lovely day and take care !!

Betsy said...

The handles are gorgeous! I think they are the finishing touch! Very nice.

Glad Robert is fully recovered. That just amazes me! Hope his trip is a good one!

Love Bears All Things said...

I used to love to spend time in Ikea when I lived in Pittsburgh. I'm so happy to hear all is well...the snow shoveling sounds so like my, huh.
And I know just what you mean about the early morning trips.
Mama Bear

Alum Groups of Delta Delta Delta said...

So happy to learn that Robert is
back to his normal routine. Nice of
him to take a more sensible time
to fly and give you a chance to
go to Ikea. The new cabinet
hardware looks great. Guess you
will have to hide the shovel from
Robert from now on. Hugs, Myke

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