Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Anti-Charlotte Is Still Alive

Now you see why I never say never. Because if I'd said I will never post another spider picture...well, you get the picture.

Our internet went down for the second time in two weeks on Tuesday morning and we just got it back up and running yesterday. We're packing like crazy people, but I had to do a quick post.

Monday was the spider finding, and by Tuesday morning I thought the spider would have been dead without oxygen. Not! I screwed the lid on super tight to make sure no air could get through since the anti-Charlotte was hanging around up at the top and I thought some air might be seeping in somewhere.

Fast forward to last night (Wednesday) when Buddy said, "She's not moving except her little pincher things. I think she's about dead."

This morning we go out and she's moving, she's smaller, and she has a little nesty looking thing which we're assuming are eggs. And you know they're cannibalistic so she'll just eat and live. And somehow she's getting oxygen. Maybe she can produce that too. So in honor of her ability to live in a jar without oxygen and reproduce multiple poisonous spiders, she will be receiving a cotton ball saturated with rubbing alcohol as a gift from us later today. Gotta do something, because she's not moving with us! Here are the pictures of a smaller anti-Charlotte with a more defined hourglass now that she's not so fat with her little nesty thing, just in case you want to use them to teach your children anything:

It's kind of like an unrequested science project.


Mari said...

That's quite a project - I can't believe it's still alive.

Lora said...

I must say that spider is really giving me the creeps!! I am so NOT a fan of spiders!!

Today I finally got that recipe for Farmer's Casserole posted. So you can compare it to yours. I haven't made it yet, so if you think yours looks better let me know:) I may want to try that one instead!

Springfield, MO, must hold a special place in your heart since your daughters were born there! It is a really nice town--and it's grown by leaps and bounds since I lived there in college. If you haven't been there in a while, you might not recognize it.

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