Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Honor Of Randomness...

Since Know & Tell Friday was the Extreme Randomness Edition, and I have totally unrelated things to blog about and no way to segue from one to the other, I am choosing to honor the theme of randomness and tie up loose ends here. Thank you, Heather, for helping me out unknowingly.

1. On our "quick" trip to Detroit, we had to look for mugs of course. Pittsburgh was the big city on the way I didn't have. Got it! But you might see an odd mug in the picture below. We told our friend the reason we were a day longer in coming home (the one that had our other son) was that we swung down to Tampa because we had decided to winter there. Had her going for a minute. Well, her husband had gone to New Orleans a few weeks ago and I had him get me a mug while he was there, and he got her one too. She's hooked. So when we were in Detroit I had to get her a mug from there (Hubby already had gotten me one some time ago) and when I went in the store, they had three Tampa mugs. So I picked me up two, because I don't have Tampa either. Woo hoo!

2. I'm packing boxes upon boxes upon boxes. This is what our living room looks like right now:

3. This is what the boys' room looks like at the doorway right now. You can't even see the boxes in front of the window because the door is blocking everything.

4. Earlier this year we had the Awana Grand Prix races. When Hubby went up to the church on the Saturday when the commander had all his power tools available for use, he asked me, "Do you want a car?" I said casually, "No, not unless it's a flower." He came home with the kids' cars plus this, in it's unpainted form:

Here's what it looked like racing down the track:

Hubby painted it with the fuschia and orange because I love those two colors together. I won a second place trophy for design, but it wasn't a super speedy car. It didn't do horrible, but my girls' punchbuggies were too fast for me to keep up. I'll post those pictures another time. They are about half as long as my flower and cute as a bug, pun intended. We competed in the category for older clubbers and leaders.

5. Our two girls had three best friends in Illinois, two were sisters and moved to Texas right before we moved to Virginia, and one is still in Illinois (not a military family). When her parents asked her what she wanted to do for vacation this year, she said, "Go see the girls." So they are here right now. We've never had someone come just to visit us. We really feel special. She has an older sister who graduated from high school (homeschooled) and is on a trip to Italy right now, and two younger brothers that are nine and two and a half. Today the little guy was eating Cheetos when he was tired. You know what your fingers look like when you eat those, and then how a little boy rubs his hands all over his face when he's tired, and this is the outcome:

His ears were even orange! Isn't he cute!

6. We went to the Transportation Museum and had a picture taken of Hubby and me. He's scruffy now. Everyone who sees him comments on how he must be on leave, because you can't have facial hair like this in the military.

And here are the three girls. I'm actually putting two pictures, because if you look close in this first one, you'll see a naughty little Caboose putting a peace out sign in Sparky's armpit. I had told him no bunny ears, so that's what I got.

Here's a good one where they switched places and Sparky and Sassy sandwiched her between them:

7. We are having a nickname change. Now I don't plan to do this on a regular basis, or really ever again, because it could be very confusing, but it has become necessary in the youth of the blog. The boys are teasing a certain girl named Sassy, so we are going to change her blog nickname to Chatty, as in Chatty Cathy. We actually call her that in real life on a frequent basis, so it really makes more sense.

8. Menu planning is out the window for the next two weeks until I move. I'm just trying to get rid of the last few things in my freezer and cabinets, and then buy things that I will use before I move. And if you know how to add about 12 hours to every day, let me know. I could use them.

Have a blessed week!

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Mari said...

You are doing great with the packing! It's amazing how much we accumulate.
I love your flower car - pretty creative!
How many mugs do you have and how do you display them?

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