Friday, July 11, 2008

Know & Tell Friday ~ Spouse Edition

This week in honor of both Heather and Reese's anniversaries, they're having the spouse edition of Know & Tell Friday. After having read Reese's sweet poem and knowing it was her anniversary week (before knowing that Heather's was this month too), I had a funny feeling we might be talking spouses. I'm just going to reiterate that I want to be Nancy Drew when I grow up. I'd be really, really good at it.

So that said, and all digressions aside for the moment, here goes nothing!

1. Where did you meet your spouse?

I already know I'm in trouble! I met my spouse in first grade. We were in the same class. Our teacher was Mrs. Minge, and it was her very first year to teach. And no, we were not boyfriend and girlfriend.

2. What is your favorite personality trait about him?

Golly, only one. You made this hard! He's very funny.

3. How old were you when you met your spouse?

Well, based on question number one, I guess you can figure out that I was all of six years old.

4. How old were you when you got married?

We were both 19 when we got married, in the summer between our freshman and sophomore years in college.

5. What is your favorite way to spend time together?

My first thought was watching ball games, since we seem to live at the ballpark with our kids. We used to live at Busch Stadium and watch the Cardinals when we could. Here was my Hubby managing Buddy's all-star team tonight. He was in the middle of spitting a seed. Good thing I have a not-so-good digital camera that doesn't pick up details.
But when it comes down to us spending time together, just the two of us, we like to go out and get coffee together.

6. How did your spouse propose to you?

In the car in the parking lot of the Bonanza restaurant.

7. Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We went to Branson, Missouri, which was about two hours from our hometown in Arkansas. We stayed at the Holiday Inn for two nights (remember, we were broke college students) and during the day went to the water park.

To participate in Know & Tell Friday or just to read some other fun posts, go visit Heather & Reese at Kickin' It In Crazyville.


Lora said...

So, you're from Arkansas? That's where I'm from! The Van Buren/Fort Smith area. Which is a little further from Branson than what you mentioned, although we went there a couple of times a year. Now it seems like forever since we've been there.

Heather & Reese said...

Kayren, You met your man when you were in 1st grade??!! That's incredible! When did you get together? Did you know each other all through school? I'm in awe...

Loved your answers. Bless you!


...aMaNdA jAnE... said...

How sweet that you met in first grade! That's a true long term relationship :).
Our honeymoon was short too, I hope we go on a long one sometime soon!

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