Friday, July 4, 2008

Know & Tell Friday

After Reese created the questions for this week's edition of Know & Tell Friday, she woke up thinking, "It's the 4th of July. These questions should be about America's birthday!" But she's living in England, which is no longer enemy territory, but makes Independence Day a little less prominent, although she did mention in a separate post the irony that many Brits are joining them on base for the Independence Day celebrations. Maybe they like a good air show? Well, whatever the case may be, go check out Heather and Reese's answers, and get to know some other people through their Mr. Linky posts. I've been looking forward to Fridays because this has been so much fun!

1. If you are a blogger, what got you started? Have you ever made, or do you hope to make, money blogging?

I had several reasons for starting a blog. I had been on several that are hosted by moms using one of the main homeschool curriculums we use (the one for history, literature, worldview, geography, etc.). Now I don't know that my blog will ever be anything like theirs, I just like them. My cousin started a blog at the beginning of the year and it's a great way to keep family up-to-date when you live far away, even though she lives close and gets to visit family often compared to us. We haven't seen anyone on either side in over two years. I also like being able to record things that I don't want to forget, little funny things that happen, tips that might benefit others, menu planning for accountability, and there are a lot of neat people out there. It's kind of like having pen pals when you were growing up. I'm not sure that my blog is focused enough yet. I sometimes end up writing about whatever excites me on a particular day or about whatever "tragic" happened that day. I've been using the meme's (did I use that word correctly in a sentence?) to help stay focused somewhat, and they're fun. And I also needed a blog to participate in some of the giveaways I was finding, but that wasn't the primary purpose. So ultimately, there were multiple reasons, all culminating to the creation of my blog.

I have never made money blogging, and I don't plan to. At least I know one focus of my blog, which is a not.

2. Are you a collector of anything?

Yes. Nancy Drew, Dana Girls, and Hardy Boys books. Stamps, although I haven't actively collected since I was a teenager, but my grandfather gave me some of his things before he passed away. They are precious to me. Starbuck's cityscape coffee mugs.

And I can't finish answering this question without mentioning baseball cards. Now I don't know if this question was specific to me or generally to my family, but the baseball cards at any given point could help us go over any weight limit allowed by the U.S. Government in a move. And they are not mine. But I do know lots about them. As a husband or son you couldn't ask for a much better sports wife or mom, because I know sports. But when Hubby's cards take up the entire bottom of his closet (at least it's not a walk-in), and I mean entire, because there is overflow on the top, that's a lot. Sparky has about as many as Hubby, and Buddy has as many as the two of them combined. Sassy and Caboose have little in comparison to the masses.

3. Apple juice or orange juice?

Orange juice.

That one came out of left field.

4. What are 3 of your best personality traits?

I am a true friend and can keep a secret.

I am witty, although when it borders on sarcasm it always gets me in trouble. I've learned the hard way many times in my life.


5. Name 1 thing you miss about being a kid.

I miss my grandparents being young (only my grandma is living) and going over to their house.

6. What is usually your first thought when you wake up?

I don't want to get up, leave me alone, don't make me get up, that alarm is driving me crazy, be quiet, I don't want to get up, did you make coffee yet, I'll get up if you make coffee, bring me the coffee in bed, the coffee is too cold to drink because I dozed off, don't make me get up, I don't want to get up, oh okaaay (with serious whine). I am not a morning person. God gifted me with morning children. Where is the irony in that?

7. Regarding material possessions: the more the merrier or less is best?

Less is best, although I have problems with one of my children. Caboose can't let go. We went shopping for new sneakers about a year and a half ago. His old ones were too small. We picked out the new ones, he wore them and put the old ones in the box, and a few minutes later I noticed he had tears in his eyes by Hubby. I found out later that he realized he would have to get rid of his old shoes now that he had new ones. We still have those old shoes, but he only gets to keep one old pair. Our printer broke a few months ago and we had to buy a new one. He was very upset about that, and he was not keeping a broken printer in his room. So he finally went out on the porch and said a few words and hugged it good-bye. I'd say I feel sorry for his wife, except he says he's not getting married and is going to live with us forever. Hmmm....

Thanks to Heather & Reese over at Kickin' It In Crazyville for another round of fun questions!


Lora said...

I enjoyed reading your answers! Have a happy 4th!

Heather & Reese said...


You crack me up! And I'm in awe and shock that baseball cards force you over your weight limit. My hubby's insane amount of musical equipment does that for us... but baseball cards? WOW!!! It's actually kind of a cool hobby.

I haven't so much as seen a picture of Caboose and I love him already! LOL! What a sweetie. And yes, if he ever gets to leave the house as a young man he'll drive his wife nuts! My husband has the maturish-man version of the same condition.


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