Friday, July 18, 2008

Know & Tell Friday ~ Extreme Randomness Edition

So here's the deal: Heather asked me if my Nancy Drew instincts kicked in and figured out that today's questions were extremely random. She blames it on her "deep-thinking better half" being on a much needed mini-vacation (aka: Reese). I personally think it would be hard to come up with questions on a weekly basis, so kudos to you! But back to my instincts. I think the fact that I couldn't figure out what the questions would be about indicates that I thought they would be random. :) Okay, off to the questions.

1. Why were you given your particular name?

I was given the name Kayren (pronounced with the long *a* sound that *ay* makes in day or play) as opposed to Karen because my mom's middle name is Kay. I've had to explain the pronounciation of my name my whole life, even though it's pronounced exactly like it's spelled. I talk fast, really fast, even though I'm from the South, and on the phone people think I say an *L* sound instead of the *r*. We won't rehash the middle name. It has no significance and I don't like it.

2. What's your favorite song of the moment?

This one is hard, because I usually have favorite songs. But I'll play the game and pick one, because I try to follow the rules. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Avalon is my choice. But if the question was to pick two favorites, my second would be "In the Blink of an Eye" by mercyme. And if it was three favorites my third choice would be "All for You" by Sister Hazel. And I've always liked Gloria Estefan's version of "Everlasting Love." What a beat! Do you like how I didn't really break the rules but got around them?

3. What are you wearing today which is most reflective of who you are?

Comfy clothes ~ a knit shirt, capris, and slip-on sandals, not those thong sandals that bother my toes and my OCD.

4. Have you ever had a pet that was not a cat or a dog? What was it?

When I was growing up I had a few goldfish. I also had hamsters. I named them Jack and Jaclyn (I can't remember which one came first now because I've lost those brain cells) but they were after Jaclyn Smith of Charlie's Angels. I had more hamsters than just those two though. Before we moved here we had two guinea pigs (one died right before we moved and one we gave to a school) and two water frogs, which were very cool. We gave them to another homeschool family of three boys. You grow them from tadpoles you get in the mail. They were actually Sparky's. She's a reptile and amphibian lover.

5. What type of exercise do you do to keep in shape?

I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it might incriminate me. Or not.

6. What is your favorite movie of all time?

This one is as difficult as the favorite song question, but I'll just list one ~ "It's a Wonderful Life."

7. Do you enjoy gardening or working with flowers?

Yes, but I'm not very good at it and haven't had proper opportunity. Since we've lived in military quarters or temporary homes, we don't invest tons of money in this area because ultimately we'll move. I'm excited to see what we can do with our new home, although I foresee a degree of professional landscaping involved at the beginning. I'm a little ignorant in this area, and being in the climate we will be living in, I'm assuming different flowers than I've been used to may be necessary for survival. I've usually lived where there are very hot summers.

Now go on over and visit Heather & Reese at Kickin' It In Crazyville. There's no Mr. Linky this week, but you just have to look through the comments or post yourself there if you want to participate.


Mari said...

That was interesting. I was wondering how you got your name and now I'm really curious about your middle name!

Heather and Reese said...

I'd say your instincts are right on! LOL! You are so much fun!

My mom used to make us watch It's a Wonderful Life every Thanksgiving, to get us ready for the Christmas Season. My sisters and I were never into Christmas as much as my mom so we all thought she was a little crazy. :) It's a great movie though.

It sounds as if the place you are moving to is really nice! That is very exciting!

Thanks for playing along this week. I loved reading your answers.


Lora said...

Jaclyn Smith was always my favorite Angel, too! lol!

Lora said...

So are you getting caught up on your laundry yet? When we travel to my parents' house I always come home with a suitcase full of clean clothes--my mom is June Cleaver (ha!). But I always dread that pile of laundry after other trips.
I have friends who are from Mountain Home. I've never been there though. It has such a nice sound to it:)

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