Friday, August 8, 2008

Know & Tell Friday ~ Fill In The Blank Edition

It's hard to believe it's already Friday and time again for another round of Know & Tell Friday from Heather and Reese over at Kickin' It In Crazyville. But then again, since I answered last week's questions on Sunday, that could be part of the reason. This week it's the "Fill In The Blank" Edition for the first time, at least that I know of, so here goes:

1. My favorite bedtime attire is shorts and a t-shirt for the summer, shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt for spring and fall, and sleep pants and a long sleeved t-shirt for winter. If it's cold I have a big fleece shirt I can put over my shirt. I usually always wear socks to bed, and I can't wear sweat pants instead of sleep pants because of the elastic at the ankles. When they crawl up my legs it drives me nuts! Probably that OCD again.

2. The perfect meal would include a really juicy steak with a hearty side of mashed potatoes and a big glass of iced tea. That answer could change at any given time though. I just haven't had steak in a while. But since Buddy's birthday is coming up next month, and he will probably choose a steak house for his birthday meal...yeah!

3. The most memorable girl's night out I've ever had was when I went to the Women of Faith Conference in St. Louis with two of my best friends. Avalon was the primary singing group that year, and they were so good. Nichole Nordeman was also there and sang some of my favorite songs. The testimony she shared before one of her songs was especially poignant. That was in 2005. I was 39 years old. Hey, did you guys just not want to do the math to figure out how old we all are? If it helps, I hadn't had my birthday yet that year.

4. My earliest memory is when I was probably about two years old. I was crawling under my grandparents' dining room table. My mother and I lived with them after my natural father divorced her when he came back from Viet Nam (but it was selfishness and not war related).

5. The family is gone for the evening and I will spend my time trying to catch up on things that need to be done around the house. It is faster when no one is underfoot and without interruptions. Then if I have time I would probably scrapbook, because I am so behind, and I can't seem to find the time to do that either.

6. Right now I am sitting on steps blogging. Yes, steps. Our computer connection in this temporary apartment is not by any desk or table, but it's by the bottom of the steps. So the monitor is sitting on top of the tower, I'm sitting on the stair landing with my feet on the next to the bottom step and the keyboard on my knees, and the mouse is beside me on the landing. Comfy, huh?

7. When I am done blogging, I am going to go get a Starbuck's mug out of my box in the garage because I can't stand the little cups in this apartment anymore. Then I'm getting my first cup of coffee for the day. I blogged without my first cup of coffee! I am therefore not responsible for anything I said. Then I'm going to put all the papers I sorted yesterday (after I found them all) into the files I bought last night, and then label them, because the disorganization is killing me. It took too long to find things we were needing in less than a week's time here. The move was knocking us off our feet. (I'll probably post some moving pictures tomorrow.)

Just as a side note to last week's Q & A session and Heather and Reese's answers, I like black olives, but those large, stuffed green olives you guys were talking about sound disgusting. I think Heather was a trooper to try them, because that was more than I would have done. But then again, you both have a thing against seafood, so go figure.

Go check out all the fun at Kickin' It In Crazyville. And while you're there check out some of their latest posts if you haven't visited before. Have a fun Friday!

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Heather and Reese said...

First of all, thanks for the back up on the olives! LOL!

I can't believe you have to sit on your stairs to use the computer. Will you have to do that the whole time you are in this apartment?

I am hoping you blog some moving pics!

Have a wonderful weekend, and good luck getting organized. I could really use your help over here, I am the most unorganized person that I know and it drives me crazy! LOL!


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