Monday, August 25, 2008

Senior Pictures Anyone?

It's Monday, and I should be doing a post about Menu Plan Monday and posting it over on The Organizing Junkie's website. But instead, I'm going to do something utterly silly that I found over on Mari's blog last night. I wasn't sure I was brave enough to do it. There's a little bit of humiliation involved here. But if I can tell everyone I've eaten cottage cheese and potato chips together, but yet I eat one thing at a time and don't let my foods touch, I have to re-launder everything that touches the floor as it comes out of the dryer, and I not only have to have the toilet paper come over the top but have to put it on the roller with the right hand, I think I've done a pretty good job so far in the humiliation category. So why not add a few pictures to it, right?

There's this website called Yearbook Yourself where you can create senior pictures of yourself in prior years from 1950 all the way to 2000, in every even numbered year. I made it more complicated than it should have been until I realized that you didn't have to import your picture every time you wanted to change to a different year. All you have to do is go down to the bottom and the years will scroll. Then you can click on each one, or just the one you want, and you can view it. If you save one along the way, just close that image out and you can start scrolling again. The kids and I had a blast playing with this today. They want me to do the cat and the picture of the bag of Ruffles next. We'll see.

The Mary Tyler Moore Look

The Marcia Brady Look
(aka the straight hair I always wanted)

The Year I Graduated From High School

(not anything like my picture looked like)

The Year I Graduated From College

(not anything like my picture looked, although at some point in the previous few years this could have been my picture)

I had to show this because it could have been one of my pictures too, but again from years prior to this.

The Year After I Had My Twin Girls
(I'd had this hair in prior years, although it was more "polished" because, hey, I was a professional with a "real" job.)

I've decided by looking at these hairstyles that either Arkansas is a trendsetter, or high schools run behind the times, because I had all these hairstyles prior to the years they are dated. And by a good probably four years. But believe me when I say I had them, and if they were big, I had them BIG.

And because I don't want to only embarrass myself leave Hubby out of the fun, I'm going to show a couple of his. And he doesn't even know that the kids I did these.

(I think I've seen some of Hubby's uncle's pictures that look like this)
The year we graduated from college, which is the year Hubby's brother graduated from high school. This looks a lot like his brother's senior picture. By this time, Hubby's hair was pretty short since he was getting commissioned into the Army.

Well, if you go and play along at Yearbook Yourself, let me know so I can check your pictures out. I expect Heather and Reese to try it, because this kind of stuff is right up their alley. Was that a dare? No, I just want to see someone else humiliate entertain themselves too.


Mari said...

I love it! I did some with my hubby too, but didn't post them. Glad you had fun and thanks for joining me for a little laugh!

Lora said...

Those are hilarious!

Cherdecor said...

Those are so fun! You did a good job sizing your face to fit. Aren't these so crazy but fun?

Oh, BTW, I found you via Maria's blog.

Have a good evening.

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