Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Nickname, and Stuff

You know my real name. I don't hide it. I just hide my family's names. Well, Hubby (with his scruffy look):

has decided to post a comment on my blog. In doing so he did not use his real name. He used a version of my nickname, KK. He is KK's Hubby for posting purposes. The KK came about when my cousin:

who is 10 years younger than me could not pronounce my name. So I was KK.

We think Buddy:

looks a lot like my cousin.

And just for your info, Hubby is really good at math too, but definitely not in the category of a math geek like me, at least in my opinion.

So just to review, if you see KK's Hubby in the comments, this is KK:

little ol' me, and this is my Hubby:

And if you want a review of the other nicknames, you can cheat and go here and here.

Feel free to leave sappy, gracious comments about how I can't possibly be as old as I've said, how I look so much younger than my wonderful Hubby, etc., etc., etc. And don't worry about him, when I'm happy, he's happy.

1 comment:

Mari said...

Thanks for the rundown on nicknames. I can see your cousin in Buddy, but I really think he looks a lot like "KK's husband".

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