Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Talk About Tuesday ~ Home Tour Edition

I hope that by talking about my whole home I'm not violating the home tour edition rules of Talk About Tuesday, but I wanted to share the progress of our new home that is being built. We are so excited, and these are the first pictures to be posted.

On July 15th when we signed our contract, had a pre-construction meeting, and went back to Virginia to finish packing, this is what our home site looked like with the driveway and garage poured and the basement prepped:

When we got to town and drove by on Saturday morning, August 2nd, this is what we saw as we drove around the corner:

Can you say that we had a woo-hoo moment? This is a picture from the side with Chatty standing between the garage areas (and we only have two vehicles but will soon have two new drivers, so what will that bring ~ scary, I know):

The stairs you see in the driveway are to the unfinished basement (perfect for rollerblading and scootering during the cold and snowy winter) and the third floor which will house the fifth bedroom, a bathroom, and a loft.

Here is a view out of one of our two master bedroom windows:

And here is a view from the second floor rec room which is still open and located over the garage, looking out over the subdivision and an absolutely beautiful blue sky:

To see what others are sharing about their homes, visit Lara over at her new site, which still happens to be named The Lazy Organizer.


Anonymous said...

Your home is in a beautiful area and it looks like it will be a beautiful home too.

The Happy Housewife said...

wow, that is beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Mari said...

Your area is beautiful! It'll be fun watching it go up. Welcome to Michigan!

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