Monday, August 4, 2008

The Posthumous Anti-Charlotte Update

Sparky's verdict: Anti-Charlotte is possessed.

If you remember, Anti-Charlotte was found on our back porch area on Monday, July 21st, fairly promptly moved from a bird feeder to an air tight jar, and still living the following Sunday. I had put off gifting her with a rubbing alcohol saturated cotton ball for several days due to the business of packing boxes in preparation for the big move. In the meantime I had watched her lay a nest and eat her babies, watched a robin try to get her through the jar, put her in the sun to roast in the jar since she wasn't suffocating, and generally stared at the jar like it would make her die.

Sunday afternoon the 27th it was finally time. Sparky and I took out the weapons of death, a simple cotton ball and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I saturated that cotton ball good. Then I proceeded to carefully unscrew the lid and pop it in. Thank goodness she didn't move or I'd have completely freaked out. Even after a minute or so she didn't move. I was thinking she would go completely nuts in the jar trying to escape the poison smell, but I didn't use my common sense in realizing that this spider must not breathe much since she didn't suffocate in an air tight jar in almost a week's time. Duh! So I turn the jar around and upside down and the cotton ball rolls over close to Anti-Charlotte and she attacks it! Poisons the thing with a little blob of yellow colored poison ~ doesn't even having trouble breathing around the thing. That's about when Sparky decided she was possessed. Well, about an hour later when she was sitting in rubbing alcohol that had drained from the cotton ball she was finally dying. The next day when we checked and knew she was dead for sure, her area where she had the red hourglass was almost completely white. Weird.

I prefer to never post about spiders again.

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Heather and Reese said...

Wow. I've learned a lot about Black Widows from your posts! Thanks for being sch a trooper. For your sake, I hope you never have to blog about another spider for your whole bloggy life.



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